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Training How to Make the Treadmill More Enjoyable

The treadmill gets a bad reputation amongst runners. In reality, the treadmill is a fantastic training tool. Find out how to make running on the treadmill more enjoyable. 

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Health Why Do My Lungs Hurt When I Run In the Winter?

Running in the winter can be challenging enough. Here’s how to prevent the pain, cough and wheezing that often comes with it.

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Health How Sleep Can Make You A Better Runner

The better the sleep, the better your athletic performance may be. 

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Training How to Stay Active When You Can’t Run

Sometimes, you just can’t run—but that doesn’t mean you have to be sedentary. Here’s how you can stay active (and improve your running!) on those off days

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Training How to Boost Your VO2 Max

What is VO2 max? Why does it matter and how do you boost it? We break it down and tell you how to increase it without neglecting other key parts of training. 

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