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10 Guided Workouts to Try in the Runkeeper App 

A variety of coach-led Guided Workouts designed to motivate and inspire you on your next run.


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Stories 50 Life Lessons Learned on the Run

Lessons Dorothy Beal has learned while running to inspire you to keep going mile after mile, year after year.

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App Community in the ASICS Runkeeper App 

Reap the rewards of having a running community in the Runkeeper app.

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App ASICS Runkeeper App Challenges

Learn all about Challenges in the ASICS Runkeeper app.

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Marathon Mickey 

The story of a Runkeeper user who doesn’t let osteoporosis and Parkinson’s disease keep her from experiencing the joy of running.

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Start Running What is Plogging?

Help care for your environment while getting your workout in.

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Start Running How Many Days Per Week Should You Run?

Have you ever wondered how often you should really be running? Here’s how to find out what’s right for you.

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Use the App The Beginner’s Guide to Tracking Your First Workout in the Runkeeper App

Welcome to the ASICS Runkeeper App! We’re here to support your fitness journey every step of the way, starting with this handy tracking guide.

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6 Tips to Keep You Running Healthy, Strong, and Injury Free

Adding a few proactive measures to your training routine can make a huge difference.

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Training How to Make the Treadmill More Enjoyable

The treadmill gets a bad reputation amongst runners. In reality, the treadmill is a fantastic training tool. Find out how to make running on the treadmill more enjoyable. 

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Nutrition Quick and Easy Snacks for Runners

What makes the ideal snack for runners? Our favorite snacks include the right combination of nutrients with tasty, satisfying ingredients.

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Health Why Do My Lungs Hurt When I Run In the Winter?

Running in the winter can be challenging enough. Here’s how to prevent the pain, cough and wheezing that often comes with it.

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How to Keep Running During Travel

The simplest solution is to run early before the itinerary of the day fills up.

Running starts with a first step. Take yours now.

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