What a Runkeeper Go™ Membership Can Do For Your Running Journey

The Runkeeper Go premium experience is packed with tools to help you unlock your full potential. 

There comes a time in every runner’s journey when you start to crave more from their running app. You want a more tailored experience with more guidance and insight. Of course, tracking your performance, setting goals and challenging yourself is still crucial, but you want to focus on improving—you just aren’t sure how. That’s why we developed the Runkeeper Go premium experience, packed with tools to help you unlock your full potential. 

How does the Runkeeper Go subscription help you elevate your running routine? 


Like most things in life, becoming a better runner takes time and practice. But how much time and what kind of practice? For those of us that may not have a running coach, it can be hard to find the answers. That’s why the Runkeeper Go subscription offers three different types of Training Plans that consider your current fitness level to help you create a plan that’s right for you. 

Race Training Plans 

If you have a race coming up or you have a specific milestone in mind, this is the Training Plan for you. Answer a few questions about your goals and experience to create a plan designed to help you reach your finish line on your time. 

Win the Long Run

Focused on your pace? This Training Plan is all about helping you perfect your 5K to help you increase your speed over time. Using your current 5K pace as a baseline, these workouts will help you have a stronger, more efficient run. 

Running for Exercise

Finish lines may come and go, but self-improvement is a lifelong task. With this Training Plan, you focus on consistency to create a routine that feels right for you and your schedule. Enjoy the benefits of running without any strict timeline or goals. 

To create your own Training Plan, upgrade your subscription here or go to the Training tab and select the style that aligns with your needs. 


When training gets hard, the best motivator is always yourself. Seeing your progress is crucial to every running journey, but basic stats don’t always give you the full picture. With a Runkeeper Go subscription, you can access easy-to-comprehend details on your performance.


Drill down on your performance with Insights, not just as a runner but as a walker and a cyclist. Here you can see a visual representation of your average pace, distance, calories, and weight over time. This data can give you a clearer picture of your fitness journey so far, how you’ve improved, and what you can aim for next. You can learn more about these advanced Insights here

Workout Comparisons

For immediate feedback on your performance, you can use Workout Comparisons. Once you log an activity, you’ll automatically be able to see how it ranks with similar activities. You’ll be able to compare pace, elevation and calories burnt to get a sense of what makes each run different. 

Goal Insights

Once you’ve set your goals, it’s helpful to get live updates on your progress. With Goal Insights, you get a visual breakdown of your development in real time so you can keep on track and easily see where you may be falling behind. 

Insights and Goal Insights will automatically appear in your Me tab once you upgrade to the Runkeeper Go subscription. Workout Comparisons can be accessed directly from the Activity Summary. 


Live Tracking 

Take your loved ones with you on your runs with Live Tracking. All you have to do is turn it on, share your unique link, and they’ll be able to follow along with you every step of the way—even without the app. Perfect for sharing with your race-day cheerleaders and late-night watchdogs alike. Learn more about Live Tracking here.

More Guided Workouts 

With the Runkeeper subscription, you can access the full catalog of Guided Workouts, including Training Plans like My First 5K and race-companions. Get motivated with ASICS Runkeeper Coaches, who are excited to share their expertise with you. Whether you’ve just started running or you’re a marathon legend, there’s a Guided Workout ready to help you push through. Read our recommendations on which Guided Workouts to start with

Live Tracking will automatically show up on your Start Screen once you upgrade to the Runkeeper Go subscription. Guided Workouts can be found in the Training tab and are currently only available in English or Japanese.

Discover what your running app can do for you when it starts acting like a running coach. Upgrade your Runkeeper experience today. 

Note: Runkeeper Go is a subscription service. This means it will renew monthly or yearly, depending on which subscription you choose. You can cancel this at any time.