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Get the latest on new features and updates to the Runkeeper™ app. Running is personal. Your running journey is unique to you and the Runkeeper app provides the tools to get you where you’re going. Whether you’re running to help with mindfulness or to get fit, we’re with you every step of the way with the tools to help you reach your running goals and build a sound mind in a sound body.

Use the App Runkeeper App Tip: Delay Tracking With the Countdown Timer

You ever want to start a run, but not really start a run…. What I mean is you head out the […]

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Use the App 4 Things a Smart Scale Can Tell You About Body Weight

At Runkeeper, we’re all about using data to gain valuable insights into our fitness journey. And because of that, we’re […]

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Use the App Introducing Runkeeper + Spotify Running!

A good playlist is probably the second most important thing on a run, after shoes. We know it takes a […]

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How To's The Complete Guide to Using Runkeeper in All Running Situations

I’ve been using Runkeeper for about two years now. In that time, I’ve tracked over 800 activities and I’ve found […]

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How To's How Understanding Your Running History Can Help You Improve: Part 1

It’s not always easy to tell exactly where your latest run falls in your spectrum of workouts, especially if you’ve […]

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