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Health Hydration for Runners

Proper hydration is key for any running. How much you need to drink depends on the temperature, length of your workout and how much you sweat.

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Health How to Deal with Runner’s Knee

“Runner’s knee” is one of the more common forms of knee pain experienced by runners. The most annoying part? It usually doesn’t go away on its own, even though you keep hoping it might.

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Health How to Deal with IT Band Syndrome

Just about every runner has heard about the IT band, but not everyone understands it.

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Health At-Home Recovery Essentials for Runners

Recovery practices are essential for keeping you refreshed and injury-free—but they don’t have to be complicated or expensive.

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Health How to Stay in Shape and Avoid Injury

With the right balance of activity and rest, you can stay in shape without overworking your body.

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