All you have to do is start.

And while starting can be the hardest part, you don’t have to do it alone. Just like a real-life coach, the Runkeeper™ app will help you set your goals, train for them with customized training plans and track your runs and progress along the way.

Create a Running Goal in the run tracker app - Try frequency or total miles Woman Running - Stay on track for your running goals

Your goal is your what.

We all begin running because we want change — even if only a change of pace. Our goal-setting tools will help you find the path to change that’s right for you.

ASICS Runkeeper is your running training coach app Image of a runner stretching - Track your run with ASICS Runkeeper

Your plan is your how.

We know you can achieve your goals. And we think you can do it faster if we show you the way forward. Use our training features to chart a path to your goals that is tailor-made for your fitness level and your schedule.

Let us keep you on track.

Whenever you’re ready to move, bring us with you. Our tracking feature and audio cues will help you monitor your pace and distance and keep you motivated along the way. Before you know it, you’ll be going farther and faster than you thought possible.

Tracking your run in the running app
Showing your run on a run tracking map
Average running pace over time shown in running tracker app Runner stretching

Use your progress as motivation.

There’s nothing that will keep you moving forward like looking back at how far you’ve already come. The Runkeeper™ app’s running tracker insights will show you the progress you’ve made so that you can learn from what you’ve accomplished and get excited about what’s next.

5 mile running route shown in the run tacking app

Do it for your team.

There is power in connection. Engage with other members of the Runkeeper community to stay motivated and focused while working towards your goals. Together, we are strong.

Crossing the finish line with the ASICS Runkeeper GPS run tracker
Runner using a running distance tracker
Runner crossing the finish line - track your run with ASICS Runkeeper
Runner crossing the finish line - track your run with ASICS Runkeeper

Give yourself a finish line.

Love to compete? We’ve got you covered. Sign up for a virtual race to hold yourself accountable to your training and watch all of your hard work pay off on race day.

The family that runs together.

We’re part of the ASICS family of brands. Discover running essentials at and reach your running goals with ASICS Studio™ expert-guided workouts. Plus, your Runkeeper™ account doubles as a OneASICS™ membership, giving you access to special offers and more.

Your goals are waiting.

Chase them down the best way you can—with a Runkeeper Go™ subscription. Access custom training plans, progress insights, real-time updates and much more.
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