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Start Running Get to Know Your Running Self: What Info Should You Be Tracking?

We break down which metrics will help you understand your runs: how you feel, how you are improving, and how well you are recovering. 

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Start Running Why You Should Not Be Afraid to Call Yourself a Runner

“I’m not a runner because I only run a few miles per week.” “I’m not a runner because I’ve never run a marathon.” Do any of these phrases sound familiar to you?

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Start Running How To Focus On Small Wins & Not Compare Yourself To Others

You deserve to celebrate your accomplishments and small victories without feeling the need to compare them to someone else’s. 

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Start Running Why It’s Okay To Walk During Your Run

If you think walking makes you less of a runner, think again.

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Gear GEL-NIMBUS, GEL-KAYANO, or GEL-CUMULUS: Find a Running Shoe That Fits

The GEL-NIMBUS, GEL-KAYANO, and GEL-CUMULUS running shoes share similar traits. No matter which one you choose, you will have a good run!

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