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Just starting out? Learn the basics here to build a strong foundation for a lifetime of running.

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Start Running How to Ace the Lace Game

Learn the proper way to tie your shoes for maximum comfort and function.

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Start Running How to Make Running a Habit

Instead of looking at your long-term goal and being discouraged, break it down into small steps and feel better for your efforts.

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Start Running Anatomy of a Running Shoe: Here’s What All Those Technical Terms Actually Mean

There are a lot of technical features to a pair of shoes, especially running shoes. These features can almost feel like their own language.

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Start Running 6 Simple Strategies to Succeed as a Beginner Runner

Follow this beginner’s guide to start running, avoid injury, achieve your goals, and enjoy your miles. There are no insider secrets, just a few simple strategies that can help anyone looking to get started.

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Start Running Ten Running Benefits You Feel Within a Week

While some of these may take time to take shape, others you will notice right away.

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