Practical fueling tips just for runners—from the best pre-run snacks to marathon meal prep.

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Nutrition No-Fuss Nutrition for Beginner Runners

People start running for a variety of reasons, like losing weight, improving fitness, and leading a healthier lifestyle in general. […]

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Nutrition Nutrition Tips for Runners

When it comes to running and nutrition, you get out what you put in.

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Nutrition Does a Runner’s Diet Have to be Strict?

Here are some tips I learned in my experiences as a pro runner, which are applicable even if you aren’t running 90+ miles per week.

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Nutrition What to Eat Before, During and After a Run

The key is to find a balance between proper fuel and the dreaded mid-run bathroom break or stomach cramp.

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Nutrition The Runkeeper Guide to Your Pre-Race Breakfast

Studies show that a pre-race meal is beneficial to any runner to keep your blood levels steady and provides energy […]

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