Insights and inspiration from runners around the world.

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Mental Health Running and Postpartum Depression – Laura Norris’ Journey

Laura had the tools in her toolbox to control her anxiety, thanks to running.

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Stories Embrace Life’s Detour: A Runner’s Diary

Find out how a former college athlete, father of three, and philanthropist embraced life’s detours to become a runner, and eventually a successful marathoner.

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Health Running And Mental Health: ASICS Running Apps Team Share Their Journey

The ASICS Running Apps team members share their stories and talk about how running has impacted their mental health.

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Stories Brooks Wheelan’s Marathon Journey: Part 2

Brooks Wheelan is days away from putting his marathon training from the ASICS Runkeeper ™ app to the test.

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Stories Brooks Wheelan’s Marathon Journey: Part 1

Earlier this year, Brooks Wheelan ran a marathon on a bet with no training—and his experience went viral. Now, he’s using the ASICS Runkeeper ™ app to train for a marathon—correctly.

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