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Introducing the Runkeeper Run of the Day

The Run of the Day is a comprehensive running program designed to help you create a consistent fitness routine and establish running as a habit so you can enjoy running long-term.

How to Log Your Participation in the Dubai Fitness Challenge

Did you know there are over 30 activities you can log using the Runkeeper app? This comes in handy when you go to track your participation in the Dubai Fitness Challenge.

10 Guided Workouts to Try in the Runkeeper App 

A variety of coach-led Guided Workouts designed to motivate and inspire you on your next run.

Runkeeper Beginners-Guide, using the Runkeeper app for the first time
The Beginner’s Guide to Tracking Your First Workout in the Runkeeper App

Your fitness journey starts here. Learn how to track your workouts with the ASICS Runkeeper App.

What a Runkeeper Go™ Membership Can Do For Your Running Journey

The Runkeeper Go premium experience is packed with tools to help you unlock your full potential. 

Woman standing on an outdoor track with her hands behind her head wearing a race bib. 5K race tips, how to get 5K ready, 5K running,
How to Get 5K Ready

Two of the biggest reasons runners use a training plan are for accountability and scheduling.

Activity Started: Audio Cues in the Runkeeper App

If you're a runner who loves getting their stats read out to them, we suggest playing with our audio cue voices to keep things fun.

Running looking forward while moving, two app screens from the ASICS Runkeeper app.
10 Runkeeper App Features You May Have Missed

Enhance your Runkeeper app experience by trying these under-the-radar features.

Someone tying their shoes before starting a run, how to tie your running shoes, how to lace your shoes based on your foot.
How to Ace the Lace Game

Did you know there are different ways to tie your running shoes based on your foot? Learn how to lace up for maximum comfort and function.

Easily Import Your Data into the Runkeeper app

Merge data from fitness devices, including Garmin and Polar, into your Runkeeper account. The tool works for single or bulk files.

Runkeeper App Tip: Track Treadmill Runs with Stopwatch Mode

Stopwatch Mode in the Runkeeper app is a great way to track treadmill activities and more.

What is the ASICS World Ekiden and How Does it Work?

We answer common questions about the ASICS World Ekiden.

Tips to Run Your Best Marathon Yet

With these tips in mind, you'll be ready to run your best marathon yet!

What Makes a Half Marathon Different Than Other Races 

The half marathon is a special distance for many reasons.

5 Training Tips for a Half-Marathon

With these tips, you can trust that you’re in good hands and that we’re here to get you to the finish line.

6 Marathon Training Tips

Whether you're running your very first marathon or struggling to push through your pre-marathon nerves— these training tips will help you be successful come race day.

ASICS Runkeeper App Challenges

Learn how to find and join Challenges in the app, and reap the benefits of a job well done. 

How to Name Runs and Assign Categories in the Runkeeper App

Names can be added to any workout, not just running!

How to Manually Input Cross-Training Activities in the Runkeeper App

Did you know there are over 30 activities you can log using the Runkeeper app? This method comes in handy when you want to log your cross-training activities.

What To Do After You Run a Race

So you've just run a race. Congratulations. Now what? Exactly what to do to get the most of out your post-race experience.

Uplifting Minds: Experience the Power of Sport on Your Mind

Have you ever thought about how much better you feel after you’ve worked out or gone for a run?  As part of its mission to uplift the world through sport, ASICS is inviting everyone to be a part of its unique study to understand exactly how long it takes for exercise to positively impact the […]

Mental Health Disorders 101

Millions of people are pushing through what often feels like a struggle against themselves and millions more are trying to understand. But there’s a gap between those who understand and those who do not—awareness is the first step to closing that gap. If you struggle from any mental health disorders, remember you are not alone.

What Do You Need to Run? A Beginner's Guide

Running is not the most expensive activity but to have a good run, there are certain things you may want to invest in.

ASICS Runkeeper App: The Basics

Here are the absolute basics to getting started in the app. Signing Up/Logging In Most of you are already signed up and logged in, but for those of you who’re really just getting started, we’ll touch on this quickly. When you open the ASICS Runkeeper app for the first time, you’ll see the Sign Up screen, […]

10 Great Post-Workout Snacks to Help You Refuel

Check out some of our favorite post-workout snacks for you to try after your next long run!

Improve Your Running with Yoga

Thanks to its mental and physical benefits, a regular yoga practice can make you a better runner.

Shoe Tracker Experience

Use Shoe Tracker to help you track your mileage so you can be confident during every run. It will help you know when your pair is in despair.

How to Make Running a Habit

Getting into a running routine is one thing, but setting realistic goals will help your habit stick.

ASICS GEL Cumulus shoes on a runner who is standing outside. Running shoe parts, what makes up a running shoe, pieces of a running shoe, anatomy of a running shoe.
Anatomy of a Running Shoe: Here’s What All Those Technical Terms Actually Mean

There are a lot of technical features to a pair of shoes, especially running shoes. We highlight the key areas you’ll want to get to know.

What is Plogging?

Plogging is a great way to help clean up your community and get a workout in.

5 Tips to Run Your Best 5K

Whether you are looking to increase your speed or finish your first race, these tips will help you run your best 5K race yet.

Runkeeper App Tip: Stay on Track with a Target Pace Workout

Setting a target pace and maintaining can feel like an art form. At first, it seems easy, but before you know it, your mind starts to wander—or you get in the zone and you’re either too fast, too slow, or yo-yo’ing between the two. Wouldn’t it be cool if instead of just monitoring your average […]

What's Pronation? Find the Right Running Shoes for You

Learn about pronation, what kind of pronator you are, and what running shoes will help you reach your peak performance.

Ten Running Benefits You Feel Within a Week

While some of these may take time to take shape, others you will notice right away.

The Magic of Run Walk Run: A Q&A With Jeff Galloway

If you’ve ever poked around running training plans, chances are you’ve come across the name Jeff Galloway. He’s well known for his many books on running, his work with RunDisney, and most importantly, his Run Walk Run method, which has helped thousands of people become runners. We picked his brain for insights on the benefits of […]

The Runkeeper Guide to Your Pre-Race Breakfast

Every runner’s greatest fear is eating something that might upset their stomach on race day. Fear no more.

Runkeeper training plan screens, Runkeeper Go, Runkeeper training plans, Race training plans, running plans, training plans,
Race Training Plans: Designed for You, Powered by ASICS

Runkeeper training plans consider your goal time, race distance, and date to create a plan to help you reach the finish line feeling strong.

Build Strength for Better Runs: The ASICS Studio™ App Is Here

Looking to mix things up or introduce some strength work between all the miles (or kilometers)? We know your fitness goals are constantly changing, which is why we created a new app to give you access to great workouts wherever you are, whenever you have time. It’s called ASICS Studio, and it brings the experience […]

How Running Helps Fight Anxiety and Unlock Mental Clarity

Anyone can experience the mental and emotional benefits of running.

Your Weekly Running Workout: Hard-Steady-Hard Run

Running a workout at a variety of paces makes any run fly by — especially a 30 minute workout. Rather than running interval after interval, this workout gives you a combination of a long intervals at a moderately hard effort and very short intervals at a hard effort to keep your body working hard the […]

Runkeeper App Tip: Share What You Want, When You Want

We know you’re always on the move, so we’ve updated our social sharing options to make it even easier for you to post your workout stats. Here’s what’s new! Now you can snap the perfect pic before, during, or after your workout without leaving the app. You can also see how the image will look with the […]

Short Fartlek Intervals: Speed Training Workout

Remember, getting faster is a personal goal. It doesn't matter if you improve by two minutes or 10 seconds, every little bit counts!

Runkeeper’s Guide to the Boston Marathon

The world’s most legendary marathon is less than a week away! As a Boston-based company, the Runkeeper team has got you covered for your Boston Marathon race day, with advice for both spectators and runners. So without further adieu, here are a few tips from our team to yours.  The Best Place to Watch the […]

Runkeeper App Tip: Use Interval Workouts to Mix It Up

Want to run faster, longer, or need a challenge after hitting a plateau? It sounds like interval workouts might be just what the doctor ordered. Intervals are a type of workout that alternates periods of high-effort exercise with lower-intensity recovery. They are a great way to increase the overall intensity and improve endurance or speed […]

Celebrating the Running Community with the Global 5K

On Saturday, December 3, and Sunday, December 4, 2016, runners and walkers from across the world came together to celebrate the 3rd edition of the Runkeeper Global 5K. This is our favorite event and we love seeing everyone come together to showcase just how strong and vibrant the international running community can be. Runners of […]

Global 5K 2nd Edition: The Results Are In!

Just a few weeks ago, the Runkeeper community came out for the 2nd edition of the Global 5K. We were thrilled to see almost 50% more runners on the road this time around, tracking more than 1 million kilometers. Now’s the time for us to take a deeper look at all of the stats that came out […]

Stop running on those super old shoes. We’ve got shoe tracking for you!

Uh, raise your hand if you have no idea how many miles you’ve put on your running shoes. Yeah, we thought so. Even though conventional wisdom suggests replacing running shoes every 300-500 miles, it can be a lot of effort to keep track. And it shouldn’t be, considering you’re already tracking all of your runs […]

Global 5k: The Results Are In!

What does 101,561 runners taking part in the same 5k look like? 79,125 hours, or just over 9 years worth of running, tracked in a single day. 42.6 million calories, or in food terms: 18,800 fourteen-inch pizzas, 68,100 bottles of wine, or 177,300 sushi rolls. Yum! 13,459 personal best 5k times (that’s over 10% of […]

Guided Workouts in the Runkeeper App, Guided Running workouts, Audio race training plans, audio running plans,
Introducing Guided Workouts

Guided workouts consist of audio-guided training plans and single workouts designed to give you the motivation, encouragement, and guidance you need to train for a race or start and stick with a running routine.