10 Runkeeper App Features You May Have Missed

Enhance your Runkeeper app experience by trying these under-the-radar features.

You may know the ASICS Runkeeper app as simply a workout tracker, however, the app also has lots of fun bells and whistles beyond the tracking experience. Try some Runkeeper features you might have overlooked.

1. Workouts

On the Start tab in the app, tap on the Workout cell and from there you can detail your next run. Tap on Beginner Workouts to select one of six pre-created exercises, create a workout based on distance/duration/pace, or tap Custom to create your own intervals. On the Custom screen, there are three pre-made interval workouts to choose from if you need inspiration. You can also name your workout, choose how many times an interval repeats as well as the distance, length of time, speed of the interval, and add a warm-up or cool-down. Be sure to save it so you can select the workout again in the future!

2. Stopwatch Mode

While we’re best known for our GPS-tracking functionality for outdoor activities, our Stopwatch Mode feature allows you to keep tabs on your activity on the elliptical, treadmill, in the weight room, and more. You can make the switch from GPS to Stopwatch Mode right on the Start Screen!

3. Goal Coach notifications for Runkeeper Go™ subscribers

For Runkeeper Go™ users with weight loss goals, Goal Coach will send you a notification after you’ve burned a certain amount of calories reminding you to log your weight. For total distance goals, Goal Coach will send you a notification at the end of the week letting you know if you’re trending ahead or behind, or whether your projected goal completion date has changed based on your tripping.

4. Track different activity types

“Run” is in our name, but you can select from a variety of GPS and indoor activity types in the Runkeeper app–from walking, cycling, hiking, skating, rowing, to yoga pilates, spinning, barre, boxing, and much more! There are nearly 30 different activity types to choose from. Click here to learn how to add cross-training activities or manually log workouts in the app.

5. Tagging friends on a workout

If you run with a buddy/buddies and they also have a Runkeeper account, you can tag them in the app! On the Save screen, tap “More Details,” then “I ran with…” to select friends. You can do this after you save as well, so no worries if you forget.

6. Auto pause

Tired of having to stop and open the app to pause whenever you hit that traffic light? With Auto Pause, the Runkeeper app knows when you’ve stopped moving and will pause your trip automatically. Just go to your Settings to turn it on before you start your workout.

7. Adjusting audio cues

Head over to your Settings and select what stats you want to hear and how often. Did you know that you can choose from multiple voices to deliver your audio cues?

8. Night mode

After starting your workout, tap into your Settings where you can toggle Night Mode on or off.

9. Countdown timer

Also in your Settings, Countdown Timer is a handy feature for when you need to give yourself a few moments before you start a workout.

10. Change Activity Map viewability

After you’ve stopped your activity, tap “Maps Viewable By” to change who can see your map. Just in case you weren’t exactly proud of running through your neighbor’s lawn.

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