10 Guided Workouts to Try in the Runkeeper App 

A variety of coach-led Guided Workouts designed to motivate and inspire you on your next run.

Whether you’re a new runner looking to get started, an experienced runner seeking a push during your next speed workout, or you’re just looking for something fresh and fun, our ASICS Runkeeper Coaches are here for you. There is a varied selection of Guided Workouts in the app to meet you where you are in your running journey.  

Here are 10 Guided Workouts we recommend you try in the ASICS Runkeeper app. Pick one that speaks to you, throw on your running shoes, and listen as our coaches guide you every step of the way with helpful tips, encouragement, and inspiration. 

10 Guided Workouts For Your Next Run 

First Run: One of the many things that excite us about Guided Workouts is how accessible and encouraging they are for new runners. This beginner-friendly interval workout with Coach Corinne is a great place to start and it’s less than 25 minutes long. This is a good base workout to build upon when you’re ready to add longer intervals or extend the overall duration of your run. If you like this Guided Workout, check out Coach Corinne’s Second Run and Third Run.

I am a Runner: Coach Corinne encourages you to explore what it means to be an athlete and a runner. It doesn’t matter what your pace is, how far you run, or what you look like: you are a runner. Embrace that and say it proudly.  

10-Minute Beginner Warmup: Don’t underestimate the power of a good warmup! While many of our Guided Workouts start with a 5 or 10-minute warm up some runners find they need more time to get their body primed for a workout. If you find yourself wanting more, start with this 10-Minute Beginner Warmup and then move on to your next Guided Workout of choice.

A Mindful Run: Whatever your reason for running, mindfulness can be a  worthwhile practice to include in your training. Dr. Justin Ross teaches you how to be present and attentive in this guide to running mindfully.  If you enjoy this Guided Workout be sure to check out Dr. Justin Ross’s four-week plan called Run Mindfully with Justin.

First FartlekHere’s your word of the day. Fartlek means “speed play” in Swedish. Coach Matt will kick off this workout with a warm-up, talk you through the basics of speed play, and how a little variance can improve your speed and endurance. If this becomes one of your favorites, give some of Coach Matt’s other workouts a try.

40-Minute Treadmill Hill RunDon’t let anyone tell you indoor running can’t be as effective as outdoor running! If the weather is bad or you just don’t want to run outside, add this challenging incline workout to your running toolkit. Bonus? Your coach is the same Coach Erin from My First 5K and My First 10K! Be careful going down those stairs later.

I Like Running When It’s Over Volume 3: This is one of a series of separate workouts. If you don’t always feel like running, that’s OK! Some days, it may be a drag to motivate yourself to even get dressed for a run. Press start on this interval workout from Coach Corinne and let her provide the motivation—and distraction—you need to get through. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of rest between intervals!

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My First 5K and My First 10K: The Guided Workout training plans that started it all! These are user favorites for a reason. Coach Erin’s upbeat personality motivates you through a series of workouts designed for beginner runners or those who’ve taken a break from running. These plans include walking to ease you into a routine and have helped many of you run your first races and we couldn’t be prouder.

Where can I find the Guided Workouts? 

Click here on your mobile device to check out these Guided Workouts and more! If you want to learn more about Guided Workouts before jumping in, you can do so here.