Articles by Laura Norris

How to Deal with Aches and Pains from Running

A guide for how to deal with aches and pains from running to help keep you pain-free.

How All Runners Can Benefit from Heart Rate Training

All runners, especially new runners, can benefit from heart rate training to learn how to assess and control the intensity of a run.

How Many Days Per Week Should You Run?

Three days? Six days? Let us help you figure out how many days a week you should run. Most runners don’t run every day and cross-train instead.

How to Make the Treadmill More Enjoyable

The treadmill is only as monotonous as you let it be. Learn how you can make it more enjoyable.

Quick and Easy Snacks for Runners

Want some ideas for quick and easy snacks for runners? We've got you covered! 

How Sleep Can Make You A Better Runner

Take a look at how sleep can increase your productivity as a runner and make you stronger and faster.

How to Boost Your VO2 Max

What exactly does VO2 max mean and how can you boost your VO2 max? 

Seasonal Winter Foods for Runners

You’ve probably noticed that the produce section of your grocery store looks different depending on the season. Some foods may not be available or may cost more at certain times of year—and that’s because different fruits and vegetables harvest during different seasons. As runners, we’ve grown to love eating with the seasons—not only for the […]

Get to Know Your Running Self: What Info Should You Be Tracking?

Simple metrics to use to help you measure your running progress.

Why You Should Rotate Your Running Shoes

Rotating shoes offers numerous benefits, especially if you run more than a few days per week.

How to Train in the Cold

Once you master how to run in the cold, you can enjoy those picture-perfect snowy runs!

Should I Have More Than One Pair of Running Shoes

Some runners only need one pair of shoes–while others may need two or even three pairs. What determines it?

Why You Should Not Be Afraid to Call Yourself a Runner

If you run, you are a runner. It's as simple as that.

How to Keep Running When Traveling

Travel trips to help you strike the right balance of enjoying your vacation without compromising your fitness.

GEL-NIMBUS, GEL-KAYANO, or GEL-CUMULUS: Find a Running Shoe That Fits

When you are shopping for running shoes, the options can be overwhelming. There are so many choices from each brand! GEL-NIMBUS™, GEL-KAYANO™, and GEL-CUMULUS™ running shoes share similar traits. All are road shoes, meaning they are meant to be worn by runners who run on sidewalks or asphalt, not dirt trails. However, there are some […]

Running and Postpartum Depression - Laura Norris’ Journey

How running rescued Laura Norris from her postpartum depression and anxiety.

How to Fuel on Race Day

As they say "if it works during training, it will work on race day". How to fuel, so you don't hit the dreaded wall.

Make Running More Fun By Varying Your Route

Generally speaking, most runners run because they enjoy it! But even the most motivated runner will get tired of the same 5-mile route day after day. Why? You may ask. Running is a very repetitive activity. In addition, a majority of your training runs are easy-paced miles. The combination of these two can make running […]

How To Gauge Effort On Your Runs

Running is simple, but not quite as simple as going out and running at the same effort every single day. In order to get faster and prevent injury, you want to vary the effort of your runs. Some runs will be a low-intensity, others a moderate/moderately-hard intensity, and a few at a high intensity. But […]

How Do You Know If You Are Ready to Run a Marathon?

Ways to determine if you are ready to run a marathon. Questions to ask yourself before signing up to run a marathon.

Your Top 10K Training Questions, Answered

You most likely you have some questions about how to train for a 10K and how to run a 10K race to your best. We've got answers!

How to Measure Your Progress in Running: When Starting (or Starting Back Up)

What benchmarks will help you track your progress toward your goal.

Why You Should Chill Out On Recovery Runs

A recovery run is important as it prevents injury and helps you improve your pace.

How Cross-Training Improves Your Running

In order to be a better runner, all you need to do is run—right? Not quite. Many runners will benefit from including cross-training in their weekly training, as cross-training will improve your aerobic fitness while reducing your risk of injury—both of which will help you run better and for longer. What is cross-training? While the […]

Why Every Runner Should Do Speed Work

Speed workouts are a staple in many training plans – and for a good reason. Whether you are training for a fast 5K or want to complete a marathon, speed work is essential for becoming a faster and stronger runner. Let’s delve into the benefits of speedwork for runners and how to do speedwork! Speed […]

Five Simple Nutrition Tips to Boost Your Running

Whether you are running for health, weight loss or management, or training for your next PR, nutrition is just as important as the miles you run. However, nutrition for runners can be confusing, especially with the proliferation of various diets from Paleo to vegan. These nutrition tips for runners will make optimizing your nutrition easier […]

6 Tips to Keep You Running Healthy, Strong, and Injury Free

Injuries aren’t an inevitable part of running! In fact, adding just a few proactive measures to your training routine can make a huge difference.

How to Prevent Injury by Improving Your Running Cadence

Runners with a low cadence are likely to overstride and are at a higher risk of injury. How you can prevent injury by improving your cadence.

Six Simple Strategies to Succeed as a Beginner Runner

Simple tips to help you succeed as a new runner. Follow this guide to start running, avoid injury, achieve your goals and enjoy your miles

No-Fuss Nutrition for Beginner Runners

People start running for a variety of reasons, like losing weight, improving fitness, and leading a healthier lifestyle in general. The desire to develop healthy eating habits often goes hand in hand with these reasons. But while getting out the door to start running can be simple, the conflicting information about nutrition can make eating […]

6 Tips to Make Time for Running

Fitting in running on a busy schedule requires a little creativity and a lot of commitment, but it is possible.

Two runners outside, one has it hand over the other runners shoulder, they are smiling. Training for a 10K Run
5 Tips for Training to Run Your Best 10K

For many runners, the 10K run is the natural next step after the 5K. With these training and race day tips in mind, you are ready to run your best 10K!

6 Exercises to Help Prevent Running Injuries

Some running injuries can arise from biomechanical irregularities, such as weak muscles, imbalanced hips, inactive glutes, and tight muscles, runners of all levels should include these injury prevention exercises in their training. These exercises focus on the muscle groups most used in running: the hips, core, and glutes. If these areas are weak, your form […]

Your Weekly Running Workout: Fast Finish Run

You can adapt this run based on your race course: if you know the course will be hilly, run this workout on hills. If you are running a flat and fast race, do this workout on flat terrain.

Your Weekly Running Workout: 8-Minute Repeats

In running, there are no magic workouts to get faster. Oftentimes, even, the most effective workouts are the simplest on paper. There is nothing magic about running 8 minutes compared to 7 or 9 minutes. However, 8 minutes of hard running is long enough to improve your speed and train your mental strength for running […]

Your Weekly Running Workout: Kilometer Repeats

Much like mile repeats, kilometer repeats can be adapted for a variety of workouts: fewer repeats at 5K race pace or faster, or more repeats at a slightly slower but still demanding pace. Fewer and faster workouts will build your top-end speed, while more repeats will improve your ability to sustain speed over a longer […]

Your Weekly Running Workout: Faster as You Go Fartlek

If you only have 30 minutes to run, an interval run will give you the most effective workout In the least amount of time. No matter what you are training for — a 5K race, marathon, or health and fitness — this fartlek run will improve both your speed and help you run faster at […]

Your Weekly Running Workout: 30 Minute Hill Pyramid Workout

If you live in a hilly area or have easy access to a treadmill, this run will give you a lung-busting workout in 30 minutes. Hills allow you to build both strength and speed in just a 30-minute workout. The intervals begin short and progressively increase in duration from 30 seconds to 90 seconds, and […]

Your Weekly Running Workout: Cutdown Tempo Run

A tempo run is done at approximately the pace you would run an hour-long race, which for most runners falls somewhere between 10K and half marathon pace. Tempo runs help train you to hold a faster pace for longer, just like you will in a 10K or half marathon race. However, the basic 3-mile tempo […]

Your Weekly Running Workout: Two Mile Threshold Repeats

We’re continuing our weekly workout series with another endurance workout that will help you work on establishing a good pace for longer distances and races. Short intervals will develop your speed, but if you want to improve your endurance, increase the duration of your intervals and slow them down a bit. Two-mile repeats will build […]

Your Weekly Running Workout: Five Minute Fartleks

We’re continuing our weekly workout series with a fartlek run that will help you prepare for longer distances like a 10K or half marathon. Short and fast fartlek runs are ideal for preparing for the fast-from-start-to-finish 5K. However, in order to venture into the territory of 10K and half marathon training, you will benefit from […]

Your Weekly Running Workout: 1200 Meter Repeats

Another speed endurance workout to help you prepare for your next 5K—200 meter repeats!

Your Weekly Running Workout: Alternating Repeats

We’re continuing our weekly workout series with a repeat workout to help you practice running at your target race pace. 800 meter (½ mile) repeats are a popular 5K workout, as you are able to run your goal 5K pace in manageable intervals. Interval workouts such as these stress your aerobic power and therefore improve […]

Your Weekly Running Workout: Tempo Run Workout To Get 5K Ready

To make the tempo run more specific to the demands of the 5K, this workout puts a twist on the traditional 3-mile tempo to help you increase your ability to sustain a harder race pace for a longer amount of time.

Your Weekly Running Workout: Tempo Intervals

We’re continuing our weekly workout series with an interval workout that is all about building endurance and helping you run at a more challenging pace for longer. If you ask many runners, they will say that the tempo workout run — a moderately hard, continuous run — is more intimidating than an interval workout. Tempo […]

Your Weekly Running Workout: Long Hill Repeats

We’re continuing our weekly workout series with another hill workout that will help you build strength and endurance. While short and fast hill repeats are designed to improve your speed, longer hill repeats at a moderately hard effort will increase your endurance and fatigue resistance. Improving as a runner includes improving both your aerobic fitness […]

Your Weekly Running Workout: 5x1000M Repeats

We’re continuing our weekly workout series with another great speed endurance workout. If you’ve followed the past two track workouts, you are now familiar with running on the track and it’s time to step up to the next level! Rather than focusing on sheer speed, running longer intervals such a 1000m (1K) on the track […]

Your Weekly Running Workout: Track Pyramid

If you enjoyed last month’s Intro to the Track workout, you will love this Track Pyramid workout! In this workout, you will cover 4.5 miles total with 2.5 miles of those running at a hard pace. The Workout Warm up with 800 meters (2 laps) easy running. Run hard for 200 meters (½ lap), easy […]

Your Weekly Running Workout: Intro to Running Laps on a Track

We’re continuing our weekly workout series by taking you to a place that many runners love for their speed work: the track! Running on a track can be a great tool for running faster. You have an area free from car traffic, so you don’t need to stop or slow down in the middle of […]

Your Weekly Running Workout: Hill Repeats

Live near some hills? They’re nature’s best training tool, so don’t avoid them! Hill repeats will make you a faster and stronger runner, because you are fighting against gravity to run up the hill. Since the impact is less when you run uphill, the risk of injury is less than doing hard repeats on flat […]

Your Weekly Running Workout: Countdown Fartlek

4,3,2,1…run fast!  We’re back at it again this week, with another running interval workout that you can easily track in Runkeeper! The Countdown Fartlek will make your run fly by, as each interval is shorter than the previous one. You run for only 30 minutes, but you will get a heart-pumping workout in! The Workout […]

Your Weekly Running Workout: The Out-and-Back Progression Run

As a running coach, one of my favorite workouts for runners regardless of their level or pace is the progression run. This type of run can be done on any terrain—no need for a track. The Workout Run out for 15 minutes at an easy effort Run back for 15 minutes at a comfortably hard […]