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How to Run With a Phone

Here’s our advice for running with your phone in tow.

Phones may be convenient for taking great photos or watching movies on long flights, but when it comes to running, they sure can take up a lot of space! If you want to run with your phone—for music, tracking with the Runkeeper app, or safety—you might find yourself in a bit of a dilemma. We wouldn’t expect you to hold your phone while you run. Here’s our advice for running with your phone in tow.

Use an armband

An armband is great for keeping your hands free and your phone close. Find one that fits comfortably around your arm and don’t tighten it too snugly! This works best with wireless headphones so you avoid getting tangled up.

Wear a sports bra with a pocket 

There are many sports bras with this option these days, offering a deep inside pocket either in the front or in the back. There’s usually plenty of room for your energy gels as well.

Wear shorts with quality pockets

With most smartphones being fairly large, you have to be really strategic about storing them in a shorts pocket. You don’t want them to pull your shorts down, after all! I’ve had the best luck with tight shorts with deep side pockets rather than a zip pocket in the back.

Try a classic fuel belt

Even with more clothing coming equipped with pockets, some people still prefer the classic storage belt. These can hold your phone, keys, and gels and zip securely closed.

Keep your phone in a zip-top bag

This is key, especially in the hot summer months! The bag protects your phone from your sweat—and stops you from scrolling through social media at traffic lights. In a pinch, you can simply carry your phone in your hand this way.

Happy running!