*Updated 2016

So you’ve downloaded Runkeeper for the first time. Excellent move! Getting into a new fitness routine isn’t easy, so we want to make the experience of firing up our app and logging your first workout as smooth as possible. Here are some resources that should help you get jiggy with it (cue Will Smith song).


Once you’ve logged in, most of the magic begins with the Start tab (makes sense, right?), which is the button right smack in the middle of the tabs navigation, with our signature running man icon.

Runkeeper Start Screen

Make sure you’re outside in order to take full advantage of our GPS input (if you must work out indoors, you can use Stopwatch Mode or manually enter the activity after the fact). Select your activity type from a list that includes running, cycling, hiking, rowing, and plenty of winter sports that you can access by clicking on that running man icon on the top left of your screen. For some more bells & whistles you can play music or choose a route (must have previously created one on Runkeeper.com). You can also select a workout from our pre-loaded list, set your desired target pace, or include your workout as part of a training plan. Hit that big orange Start Activity Button and get moving!


When you’re running, the activity screen will display the time, average pace (or speed if you’re cycling), and calories burned at the top. At the bottom two buttons will show your total distance run and current pace, with those nifty bars in the middle reflecting that visually. If that pace view doesn’t do it for you, swipe your fingers across the bar display to see your activity map that displays real-time where you’re running, or a list of your split times by mile.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 10.39.55 AM

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 10.42.25 AM
(My stats were super impressive as I tracked from my desk in our old office.)

Need a breather? Hit the pause button at the bottom right—just be sure to hit resume when you’re ready to get moving again.


Once you’ve reached the finish line, hit the red stop button on the bottom left, and then confirm that you’d like to complete the activity by selecting “Yes I’m Done.” Now’s the time when you get to brag! If you’re on an iPhone, feel free to choose one of the emojis in the “How did this run feel?” field. You can also add notes, input your heart rate, or tag a friend in the workout. If you’re the sharing type, just toggle “Enable Sharing” at the bottom of your screen, then hit Save in the upper right corner. On the next screen you’ll be able to press the Facebook and Twitter icons on the bottom left to keep your social networks in on the loop (be sure to connect those profiles to your Runkeeper account). Better yet, you can attach a picture to this share, by hitting the camera icon and pulling one from your picture library or taking a new one. You just can’t add or edit a trip from this screen.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 10.48.16 AM

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 10.49.02 AM

Hit the Share button at the bottom right corner, and you’re done! Not interested in sharing? Just click Disable Sharing, and you’ll be all set!

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