As many of you have figured out by now, the ASICS Runkeeper app isn’t just for runners. Cyclists, rowers, and even Nordic walkers can all use the Runkeeper app to track their activities. We have almost 30 different activity types at this point in time, and today we’re going to show you how to mix it up, along with a few reasons why. Not only that, but we’ll also show you how to manually log trips that you can’t track outside, such as treadmill running, boxing, and yoga!


Right on the start tab, you will no doubt have noticed the running man icon on the top left on your iPhone, or the top left of the bottom box above “Go Running” on your Android. By tapping on that, you’ll be brought to our list of activity types, where you’ll be able to select your activity of choice!

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 2.57.45 PM

Just select your activity, and you’ll be off, just as if you were tracking a run. But wait! There are only 13 activity types you can track? Well, that leads us right into our next topic!

Logging cross-training activities on the Runkeeper app


From the Start screen, you’ll see the Log button on the right-hand side or upper right corner. Hitting that will bring you to a menu, where you can select whether you’d like to log an activity or your weight. Weight is pretty self-explanatory, so we’ll talk about activities today.


After selecting an activity type, you’ll be brought to the Save Activity screen where you can enter your duration and the calories you burned doing your activity, and then all you need to do is hit save! What’s that you say? You’re running inside on a treadmill? Or cycling on a stationary bike? Just select running or cycling from the activities screen, and when you’re on the Save Activity screen, select More in the upper right-hand corner.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 2.58.33 PM On this screen, you can select a workout, a route, or any gym equipment you used. If you’re using gym equipment, chances are you’re not going to need a workout or a route. If you’re logging a run you forgot to track, those would come in handy though, wouldn’t they?


If you’re tracking gym equipment, just select it, and you’ll have your choice of options! After that, you’ll just head back to the More screen. Head back from there, and you’ll be able to save and that’s it! You’ll have successfully logged your activity. Congrats!

And now, the why!

So now that you’ve learned how to log all these different activity types, we’re going to talk a little bit about why you would want to mix up. Besides the fact that variety is the spice of life, cross-training is super helpful for avoiding injury and strengthening your whole body as opposed to just one muscle group. Common injuries, especially during winter when everyone’s relegated to running on the treadmill, are things like runner’s knee, repetitive stress injuries, and the dreaded shin splints. By mixing it up every so often, and using different machines at the gym or playing different games outside, you’re going to avoid those injuries and get stronger as a whole. It’ll also help you avoid overtraining! Even just doing some strength training working on your upper body and core is a great way to work muscles you wouldn’t normally focus on.

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