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Running Form: What Good & Bad Form Look Like (Plus How To Fix Yours)

Good running form is key to having a great workout. Find several common running form mistakes, and tips on how to fix them.

Start Running When You’re Overweight: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’re overweight and want to get into running—here are some guidelines, including what’s considered safe, where to start, and how to be realistic.

Why Do My Lungs Hurt When I Run In the Winter?

Running in the winter can be challenging enough. Here’s how to prevent the pain, cough and wheezing that often comes with it.

Running Mantras and Why They Work

Running mantras might be the secret to training success. Here’s how to find yours.

How to Stay Active When You Can’t Run

Just because you can’t run doesn’t mean you have to be completely sedentary (unless your doctor or physical therapist tells you to, of course).

The Best Warm-Ups and Cool-Downs for Your Runs

Even five minutes can make a big difference in your running performance and recovery.

What Is Gratitude & How Can It Make You A Better Runner?

Going on a gratitude run is a wonderful way to both reflect on what you’re grateful for in your life and also work through any issues, self-doubt, or negativity you’ve been experiencing.

How To Focus On Small Wins & Not Compare Yourself To Others

Running should serve whatever purpose you want it to. Whether you use it for stress relief, self-care, health management, depression prevention, or socializing, your identity and life as a runner are yours.

Why It's Okay To Walk During Your Run

Walking during your runs is more than okay, and it can offer serious benefits to runners who do it. We look at three ways walking during your runs can actually help you become a better, healthier, and smarter runner. 

Man running outside, what to do when you missed a run while training, missed training run, race prep.
What to Do When You Miss a Run While Training for a Race

Even the most dedicated runners miss a training run here and there. Here's what to do and how you can update your training plan to stay on course.

Woman looking forward with her hands on her head, running roadblocks, hitting a plateau with running, running plateau, mindful running, mental barriers running
​​How To Break Through Common Roadblocks With Running

Running is as much about your mental capacity as it is your physical capabilities. It's possible to overcome the mental roadblocks with the right strategies, enough practice, and a little self-belief, you can conquer them.

Which is Better For You: Running Inside or Outside?

In my experience, people feel one of two ways about the treadmill: They like it, or they hate it. As a runner, I have no objection to running on a treadmill—and over the years I’ve built up a case about why people should give them a try! Read more: How to Get the Most Out […]

How to Handle Schedule Changes While Training for a Race

Regardless of the fact that you signed up for a race, you’re still a human being, with a schedule, conflicts, commitments, and limited energy. Even the fittest, most dedicated runners sometimes have to skip a training run or fit it in at another time. Which is to say: It’s okay, it happens.  In the event […]

Too Busy to Run? Think Again!

Training for a race is challenging even when your schedule is wide open. Tips to help you manage your schedule so you can prepare for your race.

Is Intermittent Fasting Good for Runners?

Intermittent fasting continues to be a hot topic in the wellness world, particularly with regards to weight loss and longevity. Chances are you know someone who has tried it, swears by it, or wasn’t into it—maybe even you yourself have given it a go.  The concept of fasting has been around for centuries, and the […]

How to Manage Soreness from Running

If you’re a new or intermediate runner—or even an expert trying to achieve new goals—soreness is to be expected.

How to Stay in Shape and Avoid Running Injuries

With the right balance of activity and rest, you can stay in shape without overworking your body and getting injured.

Nutrition Tips for Runners

When it comes to running and nutrition, you get out what you put in. Here are some great nutrition tips for runners to help you stay on track.

How To Get Your Goals Back On Track

Next time you get off track, try practicing this strategy. 

How To Set Running Goals You’ll Actually Achieve

Falling short of a running goal is frustrating, to say the least. We spend a great deal of time setting goals, getting excited, and making plans—but sometimes we underestimate how difficult accomplishing a goal can be. Especially if the goals weren’t practical to begin with! If you want to set goals you’ll actually achieve, here’s […]

How to Set Realistic Running Goals (and Achieve Them)

If we’ve learned anything from New Year’s resolutions, it’s that setting realistic goals is deceptively hard—usually because we go into it with an elevated sense of optimism. Don’t get me wrong, optimism is great, and you’re going to need it to accomplish any goal. But sometimes we get so excited that we take on way […]

Safety Tips For Runners

Whenever I run outside, I have to admit, I feel a bit vulnerable. Being a personal trainer, I’m used to studios and gyms, treadmills and lots of people around. Maybe it’s because I’m five foot three and could be whisked away rather easily, but when it’s just me out in the world running, I can’t […]

How to Avoid Common Running Injuries

There are a few things you can do to help you avoid common running injuries.