Sure, it’s magical that you can track your every workout stat with the push of a button, but Runkeeper has lots of fun bells and whistles beyond the tracking experience. We realize some of them might even fly under the radar, so we polled our internal team for some of our favorite features that you might just not know about. Take a look:

1. Exporting Training Plans to iCal

Need to check in on when your next run is? You can now seamlessly export your training plans to your iCalendar with the touch of a button. Efficiency!

2. Goal Completion Confetti

You’ve completed that goal you’ve been working on, now you can celebrate it with Runkeeper! On Completion, a trophy screen will come up with animated confetti. Your very own celebratory party and you don’t have to clean up the confetti: win-win!

3. Goal Coach notifications for Runkeeper Go users

For Runkeeper Go users with weight loss goals, Goal Coach will send you a notification after you’ve burned a certain amount of calories reminding you to log your weight. For total distance goals, Goal Coach will send you a notification at the end of the week letting you know if you’re trending ahead/behind or whether your projected goal completion date has changed based on your tripping.

4. Target Pace Workouts

When you go into the Workouts tab, you’ll see three pre-created Workouts, along with the ability to add your own. After choosing to create a new workout, you’ll find yourself on a screen where you can begin the customization process. You can name your Workout, add new intervals, add repetitions, and decide whether or not you want to add Warm Up/Cool Down periods. On the Interval screen, you’ll be able to dictate the Speed of the interval, as well as the distance or length of time you’d like the interval to run. Feel free to mix it up! After you’ve played around and are happy with your workout, you can save it and select it as an option next time you go out for a run. 

5. Track Different Activity Types

It’s in the name, but we’re more than just running! With Runkeeper you can track over 30 activities such as cycling, swimming, strength training, Nordic walking, Zumba, Barre, boxing, snowboarding, and much much more! Mix it up and try something new!

6. Tagging Friends on a Workout

On both web and mobile, you can add your friends that you have completed an activity. Simply select the ‘I was with…’ tab and add the friends you worked out with!

7. Auto Pause

Tired of having to stop and open the app to pause whenever you hit that traffic light? With Auto Pause, Runkeeper knows when you have stopped moving and pauses automatically! Just go to your settings and turn it on!

8. Adjusting Audio Cues

Want to adjust your audio cues? It’s very simple! Just go to settings and select how often you would like them and what stats you want to hear.

9. Night Mode

We’ve come up with another theme for those working out in the hours of darkness! After starting your workout, just tap the wrench and select night mode.

10. Countdown Timer

Want to get your workout off on the right foot by giving yourself a few more seconds to get started? Head to settings and turn on the Countdown Timer!

11. Change Activity Map Viewability

Right after you’ve stopped your activity, hit the person/people/globe icon in the lower right corner of the map, and you’ll be able to change who can see it. Just in case you weren’t exactly proud of running through your neighbor’s lawn.

What do you think? Are there any features you’ve come to love that didn’t make our list? Let us know in the comments!