Introducing Guided Workouts

Guided workouts consist of audio-guided training plans and single workouts designed to give you the motivation, encouragement, and guidance you need to train for a race or start and stick with a running routine.

We loved your positive response to our My First 5K plan, so we’ve brought you My First 10K—more. Introducing Guided Workouts in the ASICS Runkeeper app, our most exciting feature launch yet! It’s a product that took a lot of user research and we assessed your feedback in order to understand what you wanted from your running app!

Guided Workouts, an audio feature in the Runkeeper app, provides motivation, encouragement, and guidance on the run. Our group of expert coaches will guide you through a variety of topics and workouts that will empower you on your running or fitness journey. So, what can you expect?

Types of Guided Workouts you’ll find in the Runkeeper app:

  • Training Plans: We currently have three comprehensive training plans in Guided Workouts, My First 5K, My Fastest 5K, and My First 10K. Each of the training plans is 6 weeks long and contains 18 Guided Workouts. You are free, however, to take these plans at your own pace and move on to the next week when you are ready. Our users often find themselves repeating workouts because they love Coach Erin and Coach Corinne’s energy and encouragement.
  • Beginner Runs: There truly is something for everyone in Guided Workouts! New to running and the thought of running even one mile in a row seems impossible? Check out our 5-Minute, 7-Minute, and 10-Minute Runs from Coach Sean. While most of our workouts are all levels, meaning you can tailor them to your specific pace, we do call out some runs that were developed specifically for beginners or those just getting started. Be sure to look at the tags below each workout to help you decide if a workout is appropriate for your level. 
  • Speed Workouts: Think tempo runs, fartlek runs, intervals—everything you may need in your running toolkit if increasing speed is your goal, or you’re looking to add more variety to your workouts. 
  • Race Tune-Up Runs: Do you have an upcoming race you are preparing for? Coach Jess guides you in this race-specific tune-up series. These Guided Workouts will help you get in tip-top shape for your next race.
  • Race Ready Runs: We’ve also got some positive running self-talk and race visualization Guided Workouts to help you approach your next run or race with the right mindset. 
  • Treadmill Runs: We know you can’t always get outside for a run. That’s okay! You can get an effective workout indoors with our Guided Workouts treadmill runs. Make sure prior to starting the run you switch your app to Stopwatch Mode. 
  • Warm-Ups and Cool-Downs: Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of warming up and cooling down your body! While many of our Guided Workouts start with a 5 or 10-minute warm up some runners find they need more time to get their body primed for a workout or to cool down post-run. If you find yourself wanting more check out one of these Guided Workouts.
  • Stretching: Coach Julia guides you as you work on your mobility in Sound Stretch, a post-run stretching series. 
  • Meditations & Guided Mindfulness: We believe a sound mind is key to a sound body. Learn new skills based on performance psychology that you can take on all your runs to find out how gratitude and uplifting your mind can positively affect your running. 
  • Motivational Runs: Accompany your workout with stories shared by ASICS athletes, explore what it means to be a runner (spoiler: anyone who runs is a runner, no matter your pace or distance), and appreciate the small wins on your running journey.

Here are 10 Guided Workouts we recommend you try!

Where can I find the Guided Workouts?

You can find the Guided Workouts by clicking here on your mobile device.

Why try a Guided Workout?

Whether you’re a new runner looking to get started, an experienced runner seeking a push during your next speed workout, or you’re just looking for something fresh and fun, there is a varied selection of Guided Workouts in the app to meet you where you are in your running journey. 

A great place to start is to try out one of our “Warm Up” Guided Workouts. These are 5-minute warm-up runs that can be done at any time and at any pace to help you mentally and physically prepare for your next run or race. 

All Guided Workouts can be tailored to your fitness and energy level. Not feeling the jog warm-up? Try walking and working slowly up to a jog. You can ramp up or dial back the intensity at any time!

What else is there to know?

  • All time-based workouts can be done in Stopwatch Mode. This means they’re indoor running, and treadmill friendly! Just tap the settings gear in the top right of one-off workouts and plans to switch to Stopwatch Mode.
  • You can choose your playlist before the workout begins.  
  • All the workouts use relative effort (no specific paces), meaning they can be tailored to any runner’s level. Some do include walking and we call those out in case you’re advanced or want an all-running workout. 
  • The workouts won’t end automatically, so even when the audio ends, you can keep running if you want to! 
  • Guided Workouts are available in English, Japanese, and Swedish.

Guided Workouts are available now in the most recent version of the Runkeeper app. Let us know what you think and as always, happy running!