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#RKRunner Guide What I Learned at Mile 24 of my First Marathon

I walk down the hill onto the soccer field. Assemble myself at the line, wait for the whistle to blow […]

#RKRunner Guide Runkeeper App Tip: Activity Categories and Names

With latest updates on Android and iOS you can now give any GPS-tracked activity a wicked cool, wicked awesome, wicked special […]

#RKRunner Guide Runkeeper App Tip: Stay on Track with a Target Pace Workout

Let’s face it, setting a target pace and maintaining it throughout your run is an art. At first it seems […]

#RKRunner Guide Runkeeper App Tip: Use Interval Workouts to Mix It Up

Want to run faster, longer, or need a challenge after hitting a plateau? Sounds like interval workouts might be just what […]

#RKRunner Guide Runkeeper App Tip: Delay Tracking With the Countdown Timer

You ever want to start a run, but not really start a run…. What I mean is you head out the […]

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