Articles by Ken Vetrano

What I Learned at Mile 24 of my First Marathon

I walk down the hill onto the soccer field. Assemble myself at the line, wait for the whistle to blow and walk. My head’s on a constant swivel, waiting for Mrs. Eldrige to look in the other direction long enough for me to make a break for it–and by break for it, I mean waddle […]

Runkeeper App Tip: Delay Tracking With the Countdown Timer

You ever want to start a run, but not really start a run…. What I mean is you head out the door all pumped and jacked to crush some pavement, but then you’re like, “Nah, I need a minute to warm up them rocket boosters.”  Then, when you’re feeling good about everything, and get that pep […]

Getting Started With Weight Loss: The How, When & Where

Raise your hand if you’ve attempted a diet. Okay, keep your hand up if you’ve also had some degree of success with that diet. Now keep your hand up if those diets continue to be successful today… I’ll wait. Odds are the majority of you have put your hand down, and that’s because most ‘diets’ […]

How I Learned What ‘Healthy’ Really Means

I’m sorry everyone. By now you’ve woken up and noticed the fridge has been raided. The leftovers you were expecting to package into lunches this week are gone. The desserts your aunt wrapped and sent home with you from her cookout are also gone. Godzilla leaves buildings toppled in his wake, and I leave your […]