Articles by Bron Volney

The Runners’ Strength & Stretch Guide: Adductors

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve introduced some strength and stretching exercises to help balance out some of the body’s largest muscle groups like the glutes, hamstrings, and quads. While it’s important to pay attention to what is going on with these larger muscles we don’t want to forget about smaller muscles and tendons […]

The Runners’ Strength & Stretch Guide: Glutes and Hip Flexors

Kick Those Glutes Into Gear (And Stretch Those Hip Flexors) There’s no way around it — injuries are the worst. As a trainer, I hear the same story over and over again: one day you’re training for a race and everything is going well and next thing you know, injury strikes! So why do we […]

How Runners Can Get Stronger at the Gym

I have many clients come to me specifically because of past running injuries or because they are looking to prevent any future injuries.  So what is it that you need to do for a better chance of injury- free runs? Follow these six exercises to really amp up your “runner’s strength” and get a well-rounded […]