Let’s face it, setting a target pace and maintaining it throughout your run is an art. At first it seems easy—but before you know it, your mind starts to wander, or you get in the zone, and you’re either way too fast, too slow or yo-yo’ing between the two.

Wouldn’t it be cool if instead of just monitoring your average pace, current pace or splits, Runkeeper let you know when you’re running faster, slower, or right at that sweet spot you hoped to hit? The good news is you can with a Target Pace Workout.

These workouts will let you set a Target Pace, and whenever your time Audio Cues trigger, it will announce whether you’re behind or ahead of your Target Pace. To get started, tap the Workout Grid, select the Pace option and set this to the pace you’re hoping to maintain.  Check out the video out below for detailed instructions!

Pro Tip: Try switching things up and choose another voice other than our girl Kat!



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