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Start Running What’s Pronation? Find the Right Running Shoes for You

Even though running is as simple as putting one foot in front of the other, at times it can feel like […]

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Stories A Big Half Ironman Improvement: My Atlantic City 70.3 Race Recap

“For the first time, I truly felt like I was actually training, as opposed to just “working out towards a goal.””

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Use the App Share Your Running Photos in Style with Our New Overlay!

Good scenery is one of the best ways to get through an otherwise tough run. And it’s much easier to humblebrag […]

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Use the App Activity Started: Introducing New Voice Cues for Runkeeper!

We tried to think of a clever intro for this announcement, but we’re so excited about it we’re going to […]

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Start Running 6 Ideas for Your First Runkeeper Running Group

We’re really excited for our new Running Groups feature in Runkeeper and have had lots of fun at the office […]

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