Articles by Erin Glabets

7 Tips to Help You Start a Running Routine and Stick With It

Do you keep saying you’re going to set a running or fitness goal and then just not following through? Saying you want to start running sounds great in theory, but how do you actually start running? Yes, anyone with two legs can run, but it’s the sticking with it and making it a habit piece […]

I Ran the Boston Marathon in the Pouring Rain and It Was the Coolest Thing I’ve Ever Done

Nothing like some spoilers in the headline. But really. I could tell you I wasn’t a nervous, miserable wreck before it all started but that would be a lie. The rain forecast amplified that anxiety about 10 times. The good thing is I don’t actually remember what all that feels like. All I remember is […]

This Music May Help You Run Faster

We all have those few songs we stick towards the end of our running playlists for when we know we’ll be in dire need of a boost. Everyone’s got their personal preferences — whether it’s a good EDM song for you or an 80’s power ballad for your mom — but we wanted to get a more macro picture. […]

6 Ideas for Your First Runkeeper Running Group

We’re really excited for our new Running Groups feature in Runkeeper and have had lots of fun at the office making our own groups. In case you’re stumped, we pulled together some ideas and inspirations that we think will motivate any runner. Check ‘em out: 1.Race Training Sign up for a race with some friends, […]

A Big Half Ironman Improvement: My Atlantic City 70.3 Race Recap

I completed my first Half-Ironman in four years on Sunday, and chose Ironman Atlantic City 70.3. Close to home (NYC), plus a whole bunch of my friends were racing it . Atlantic City is right up there with “locked in a room with all my ex-girlfriends” in the “places I’d like to spend a weekend” […]