Articles by Catherine Halbeisen

Why You Should Join the ASICS World Ekiden 2022

The ASICS World Ekiden is back again! This time of the year is always exciting for our ASICS Runner Apps team, especially now that we’re spread out all over the world. (We’ve come a long way since our first small Boston office.) To inspire you to join in, we asked our coworkers what they enjoy […]

Community in the ASICS Runkeeper App 

You already know the Runkeeper app at its core is an activity tracker. If you’re a beginner runner or need a running refresh, maybe you need some motivation and encouragement. That’s where we suggest making the most of our Community feature. Don’t discount the benefits of a solid running community! Whether you prefer to work […]

10 Ways to Find Gratitude in Daily Life

I’m happier when I can find gratitude. It helps to shift my focus to what’s important and gain a new perspective. I’m prone to looking to the future and sometimes need to remind myself to enjoy the process. I can look forward to what’s to come, but I can’t get there if I’m not paying […]