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Stick With It 4 Things I Learned About Healthy Eating in the Process of Losing 390 Pounds

Many people have asked me what my secret is to my weight loss and maintaining my health. I can honestly […]

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Stay Inspired My First Marathon Wasn’t About the Finish Line; It Was About the Process

On October 16th, I completed my first marathon. Four years ago, almost to the day, I quit drinking cold-turkey and […]

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Stories 390 Pounds Down, and I’m Training for My First Marathon

The human body is capable of amazing things, and I have experienced this firsthand.

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Stories Brian: Losing 365 Pounds & Getting My Life Back

“My typical fast food meal was a double cheeseburger with a large pop and large fries. That usually wasn’t enough.”

Running starts with a first step. Take yours now.

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