Articles by Amanda Harkavy

The Runkeeper Definitive Guide for Beginner Runners

Back in your playground days, everyone was a runner. But sometime between your last game of tag and your first desk job, you may have lost that magic. Maybe it happened during that mandatory mile run in the fifth grade. Or maybe it was when you got to college and embraced your new NARP status (that’s Non-Athletic […]

4 Things a Smart Scale Can Tell You About Body Weight

At Runkeeper, we’re all about using data to gain valuable insights into our fitness journey. And because of that, we’re slightly obsessed with all things Withings. That’s why we partnered with them once again to bring you the #ActiveBody challenge, which is inspired by their full composition smart scale. You may be wondering, what exactly […]

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Running Style

Ever find yourself questioning who you are as a runner? The solution to your fitness identity crisis may just lie in the stars. Aries: The runner always trying new routes March 21-April 19 Adventurous and independent, the Aries runner will always take the path less traveled. Taurus: The loyal running buddy April 20-May 20 Warmhearted and reliable, […]