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Use the App 4 Things a Smart Scale Can Tell You About Body Weight

At Runkeeper, we’re all about using data to gain valuable insights into our fitness journey. And because of that, we’re […]

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Start Running The Best Running Headphones of 2016

When the Walkman first hit stores in ‘79, portable headphones became a necessity for music lovers on the go. Ever […]

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Stick With It What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Running Style

Ever find yourself questioning who you are as a runner? The solution to your fitness identity crisis may just lie […]

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Stick With It The 3 Reasons Running is the Best Pokémon GO Hack

When Pokémon GO launched almost two weeks ago, the Runkeeper Team was foreseeably excited. A company teeming with tech and […]

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Start Running The Best Running Armbands of 2016

Back in 2013, we polled our team and created The Runkeeper Guide to Running Armbands.  And it was a hit! […]

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