Articles by Dylan Kehoe

16 Pieces of Advice for Anyone Running Their First Race

We asked the Runkeeper community what advice they would give to a runner who was about to run their very first race. Here’s what they had to say: 1. “Don’t stress about it—you can always walk!” –@AnaLiss0 2. “You’ll always remember your first race. Do your best, but make sure to enjoy it.” –@SmartWatermelon 3. […]

Training for the New York City Marathon? We've got your 20-mile Routes!

The New York City Marathon is just under a month away, and if you’re one of the ones lucky enough to be registered for it, chances are you have that big 20 mile training run scheduled soon! Of course, planning that run is no easy feat, so we’ve gathered some great long routes from all around New York City, created […]