Articles by Brittany Deas

5 Training Tips For Your First Half Marathon

In August 2014 I had a problem. My 5K times were slowly getting worse and I was struggling to make it through a race without stopping and walking. I felt like something was wrong. I was running races in 30 or 31 minutes when in that year my best race ever was a 28:54. To […]

17 Tips for Prepping for a 24-Hour Relay Race

There’s road races and then there’s Ragnar: the crazy mutation of races that puts 12ish people in two vans for 24-plus hours, with several bouts of running in between. Personal space is scarce, sleep is scarcer, but the fun has no bounds. That’s why team Runkeeper is at Ragnar’s Reach the Beach for the fourth […]

5 Things I Learned from My First 5k

On October 7th, 2012, I woke up extremely early bursting with nervous excitement for my first ever 5k. Race day was a blur but I remember debating my race day outfit (should I wear long sleeves or short!?!) and whether or not to chat during the race or listen to music to help me zone in. I remember making the turn […]

7 Training Tips To Rock Your First 5K

Many users are getting ready to run their first 5K in preparation for the annual Runkeeper Global 5k. Get started Once you’ve decided you want to run a 5K, the first thing you need to do is set a goal. Perhaps your goal is to simply run a 5k. Start by registering for a specific […]