The New York City Marathon is just under a month away, and if you’re one of the ones lucky enough to be registered for it, chances are you have that big 20 mile training run scheduled soon! Of course, planning that run is no easy feat, so we’ve gathered some great long routes from all around New York City, created and vetted by Runkeeper users.

The cool part is once you’ve added any of these routes to your Runkeeper account, you can easily select one at the beginning of a run and see just where you’re going on the map display during your run! Read this post to learn how to include a route in a Runkeeper activity.

Take a look: 

20 Miler

This route takes you from 85th on Lexington across Central Park, along the west side through Tribeca, and across Brooklyn Bridge into Brooklyn. There, you’ll run along Myrtle Avenue through Williamsburg and Long Island City until you cross the Queensboro Bridge back in to Central Park and return to your starting point! Add this route to your profile here!

NYC 20 1.2

West Side There and Back

This route sees you run from the Tribeca West Side, right along the river until 58th St. From there, you’ll head in to Central Park for a lap and back out onto 59th St. Then you simply gotta follow the river back to where you started! Add it to your routes here!

NYC 20 2.1

Brooklyn – Manhattan 20

From Bedford Avenue, make your way across Williamsburg Bridge across Broadway to the East Side. From here, you’re going up to 14th St. and turning around to make your way down to Tribeca. Cut across to Manhattan Bridge and return to Brooklyn. Head down to Prospect Park by the Waterfront District for one lap and then back to where you began! Add it to your routes  here!

NYC 20 3

Brooklyn Loop

This non-Manhattan route sees you travel along the Waterfront for the first half of your run. From there you’re cutting in to loop around Prospect Park, straight up through Williamsburg and back in to Greenpoint. Add it to your routes here!

NYC 2 Mile Run 4

20 Mile Four Borough Run

This run takes you through Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Manhattan. From Greenpoint, you’ll be running through Long Island City on to Randall’s Island. From the island, head up in to the Bronx and back down in to Manhattan, looping back on to Randall’s Island and back to your starting point. Simple! Add it to your routes here!

NYC 20 Mile Run 5

Feature image via flickr.