0:00:00,0:00:03 [Upbeat instrumental music playing]
[The soles of marathon runner Dorothy Beal’s shoes run away from the camera, and we see her running through a trail as the sun shines behind her]
The idea of me running at all 

was ridiculous 25 years ago, and now I’ve run 44 marathons.

0:00:08,0:00:10.05 [Dorothy’s title card appears on screen]
Dorothy Beal: Body positivity activist. 

0:00:10.05,0:00:13 45-time marathoner and counting.

0:00:13,0:00:14 [Music continues]
[Dorothy turns her head toward the camera as documentary name appears on screen] 
Runkeeper Journeys

0:00:14,0:00:22 [Dorothy, dressed and ready for a run, looks at her phone]
It’s really motivating for me when I pull up my Runkeeper app and I check off that I’ve run that mileage for the day. 

0:00:22,0:00:24 [Dorothy smiles as we see a close-up of the Runkeeper app on her phone]
I think of a training plan as an accountability partner. 

0:00:24,0:00:26.5 [Dorothy smiles as she runs down a trail]
[Runkeeper app audio cue:]
“Activity resumed.” 

0:00:26.5,0:00:30.5 [Instrumental music continues as Dorothy runs along the trail]
This trail feels like home to me. I’ve been running here since I first started running. 

0:00:30.5,0:00:39 [Dorothy walks into her kitchen carrying a large plastic storage tub filled with race medals and begins looking through them nostalgically]
I’ve gone through so many different journeys, from running my first marathon to training now for my 45th.

0:00:39,0:00:44.5 [Dorothy eats dinner with her husband and two kids as they laugh and talk about their days]
In that time period I’ve had three kids and I have had a lot of ups and downs

0:00:45,0:00:56 [Dorothy runs on the trail]
And the trail really has been a constant in my life. 
[The Runkeeper app cuts in and says to Dorothy] You are right on your target pace. 

0:00:50,0:00:56.5 [Dorothy sits on her couch with her computer, writing a blog post and reflecting on her journey]
When I first started posting on social media, my goals were all self-related. What I talk a lot about now is loving yourself as-is, and I think that has become my message because I am a mom. 

0:00:57,0:01:12 [Dorothy runs on the trail]
What I talk a lot about now is loving yourself as-is. And I think that has become my message because I am a mom and I know that growing up I didn’t love myself. 

0:01:12.5, 0:01:22 [Dorothy gets emotional]
I think back to when I was my daughter’s age and I don’t want her having the same thoughts that I had.  

0:01:22.5,0:01:33.5 [Dorothy and her kids cook together in the kitchen]
If we can learn to appreciate our bodies for what they can do, instead of always focusing on what they look like, we change it for the next generation. 

0:01:34,0:01:40.5 [Dorothy laces up for a run]
All it takes is for me to help one person, because that one person is going to help somebody else. 

0:01:41,0:01:55 [Dorothy runs on the trail]
For me and running, there is no finish line. The finish line of one race is really just the start line of another race. The journey is never over, it’s just the beginning of the next thing that running is going to teach me about myself. 

0:01:55.5,0:02:04 [Dorothy runs away from us as music dies down.]
Runkeeper: Train for the journey ahead.