It’s not always easy to tell exactly where your latest run falls in your spectrum of workouts, especially if you’ve been running for years. Was your latest run your best yet? Or does it pale in comparison to a similar trip from two years ago? If only there was some kind of way to know how your time stacks up…

It just so happens, you’re in luck! We had the same issue when it came to making sure our training was on track so we came up with some easy tools to help us keep tabs on just that. With Runkeeper Go, you’ll have access to our great Compare Workouts feature (plus lots more).

After you finish your run, and you’ve dried your fingers off enough to save your activity (don’t worry, all the cool kids have sweaty hands after a good run), you’ll find yourself on the Activity Summary screen. There, you’ll see a tab informing you where your run ranks compared to your other runs. Pretty self explanatory right? But wait! There’s more!

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 4.43.11 PM

Tap that tab, and you can look at the actual runs that were better (or worse) than your latest trip, and even better, you can hit compare at the top, and dig even deeper! This will let you dive in and look at your similar trips to see how your pace and elevation stack up. Now, there’s no need to feel bad if your fastest run was entirely downhill, and your latest was the exact opposite!

Sure, you can do all of this with a pen and paper, with maybe a calculator or two, perhaps a spreadsheet, and an abacus, just to be safe, but with Runkeeper Go, we’ve taken all the hassle and guesswork out of it. Why? Because we want you to keep improving, that’s why! Come back next week for more on how to compare your lifetime of activities!