We’ve been recapping stories from Simon‘s Boston to NYC journey. If this is your first time hearing about it, be sure to read our other blogs about his trip

My inspiration to become a runner started when my daughter Morgan joined her cross country team freshman year at the same high school I attended. My younger brothers were runners for this same high school, both XC and Track. I came to running just a few years ago in my 50’s and was never an athlete growing up. When my daughter was invited to Disney in 2013 to run a half marathon with her cousin I said I would go along and try the 5k.  I did and have never looked back. I have now run numerous 5k’s, a 10K, a 14K, and one ½ marathon. I am currently training for my second ½ which takes place this weekend.

DSC07095To have the opportunity to run with an ultra-marathoner who would be doing part of his run not only where I currently live, Stratford, but through the city I grew up and presently work—Bridgeport, was something that I wanted to experience, especially since this start was a few blocks from my workplace!

To say this was an honor is an understatement. I was very humbled to be able to guide Simon and Neil through the streets of Bridgeport with its massive construction sites and endless stoplights. I learned a lot from them in the mere 5 miles of their 26+ journey that day.

I discovered that maybe, just maybe I too might be able to take on a marathon and have begun to really think hard about the reality of the challenge…

They were both so awe-inspiring and in our brief talks had the belief in me that a marathon is something that I too may accomplish!


One of the highlights of the journey was passing by one of our local high schools.  Without missing a step Neil began reading to us the words on a sign attached to the school’s wall. Meant for our inner-city youth it was also quite a fitting mantra for what runners do-  “Turning your dreams into a reality take attitude, discipline, focus, determination.”

Our leg ended in Fairfield where my daughter Morgan’s XC team and high school principal met up with us to guide them through Fairfield. I left feeling a bit sad since I had to go back to work, and would have loved to continue on with them. However, I was elated that I had the opportunity to have participated in such a historical moment that is now a part of my running journey. The high lasted for the rest of the day!  I feel truly blessed and thank Ali and Runkeeper for reaching out to me so I could have this incredible experience with two amazing runners.


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