We’re really excited for our new Running Groups feature in Runkeeper and have had lots of fun at the office making our own groups. In case you’re stumped, we pulled together some ideas and inspirations that we think will motivate any runner. Check ‘em out:

1.Race Training

Sign up for a race with some friends, determine the number of weeks you have to train, and set a weekly target for number of runs you’d like to complete. The chat section will be a great place to share progress and training tips.

2. Beginner Runners

Take this opportunity to get new friends into the sport! Set an achievable target, like running 1-2 times a week for a month, and invite your friends who have expressed interest in becoming a “runner.” Determine a really fun reward for the finish line and be sure to send encouraging messages throughout. These people are looking up to you!

6 Ideas for Your First Runkeeper Running Group

3. Running Buddies from Afar

Reunite your high school track team or stoke some nostalgia by creating a Running Group of friends sprawled across the country (or globe).

4. Running for a Cause

Runners are commonly racing for charities and many of us have pushed through a particularly grueling run by thinking about someone we know who can’t run. Name your Running Group after the person or cause that inspires you and rally your friends to do big things together. Bonus: you can show that beneficiary all of the miles and comments logged in his or her honor.

5. Running Clubs

Those who attend physical running clubs have probably caught onto the social benefits of running long ago, but there’s plenty to be gained by adding this virtual element. Create a Runkeeper Running Group with your real life running club (so meta) to keep track of each other between meetups or spur some friendly competition (those who don’t hit the monthly miles challenge could buy beer for those who do, for example).

6. To the Moon and Back

Pick a fun geographic target, calculate the distance to it, and divide that by what feels like a reasonable weekly or monthly distance target. Yes, it’s a little weird, but runners are motivated by odd things like GPS art so this one isn’t beyond you. Don’t pick the moon, though, because that will take a few lifetimes.

Happy Running!