You already know the Runkeeper app at its core is an activity tracker. If you’re a beginner runner or need a running refresh, maybe you need some motivation and encouragement. That’s where we suggest making the most of our Community feature. Don’t discount the benefits of a solid running community! Whether you prefer to work out with a partner in person or cheer each other on virtually, having someone (or a whole community!) to keep you accountable can help you reach your fitness goals and beyond. 

What are the Runkeeper Community features? 

Consider it your hub for all things social in the app. The two main features include: 

  • Community Feed: Where you can see and heart your friends’ activities and leave motivational comments (or playful jabbing).  
  • Friends: Now you can follow friends in the app! (We’ll talk more about this later.)
  • Running Groups: Where you can create and join running groups to stay motivated and hold each other accountable.  

Additionally, the Runkeeper Running Club Facebook group is a great place to connect with runners from all over the world and cheer each other on, share tips, and share photos from your runs. It’s become a core part of the Runkeeper community and we’d love to see you there! 

Where can I find community features in the Runkeeper app? 

On iOS: 

  • Open the Runkeeper app
  • On the bottom of the screen, locate the Community tab (blue speech bubble) 
  • Navigate from the Feed tab to the Groups tab at the top of the screen 

On Android: 

  • Open the app 
  • Tap Community on the lefthand menu 

Note: A person’s account may be private, in which case their profile details (activities, goals, achievements, followers, and following list) will not be visible. 

Screenshot of the Community Feed in the ASICS Runkeeper app

How can I follow my friends in the Runkeeper app? 

  • On the Community tab in the app, tap on the icon in the top right of the screen 
  • Here, you can connect your contacts or connect to Facebook. Be sure to allow access permissions to connect in your phone settings. Note: We don’t post to Facebook or auto-add your friends. 
  • Search for a friend’s name, Runkeeper user name, or email address. Once you’ve found them in the app, tap the Follow button. 

Tip: To view who you follow and who follows you on the Community tab, tap the menu icon on the top of the screen. 

What if I follow someone by mistake? 

No worries! Just tap the Unfollow button on their profile.

How can I ensure my privacy? 

You can adjust your Privacy Settings by tapping the gear icon on your Me Tab. 

All user accounts default to private when you first make an account. We recommend checking your settings to verify they reflect your privacy needs. 

A private Runkeeper account gives you more control over who can see your profile and activity details. This level of privacy also means that: 

  • Each new follow request will need to be accepted or declined. 
  • Only followers can view profile details such as activities, goals, achievements, your follower list and following list. 
  • You can set activities or maps viewable to “followers” and “only me.” 
  • The option to set activities or maps viewable to “everyone” is not available because maps and activities will be hidden from view for users who don’t follow a private user. 

For more information, check out this Runkeeper Support help article