Whether you’re running your first 5K or looking to set a new marathon PR, we all have different goals and face a variety of challenges that can impact how and when we get out the door to run. Runkeeper race training plans are personalized and utilize methodology developed by the researchers at the ASICS Institute of Sports Science to help address these challenges.

Each plan is unique and developed using an algorithm built from the training results of thousands of runners. Your specific goal time, race distance, and race date are taken into consideration to design a personal training schedule that will help you stay healthy and reach your goals.

Your goals come first

To get started visit the My Plan section of the app and select Train for a Race. You will then be taken through a series of questions including the race distance, date, and your target pace. This information will be taken into consideration with your current level of fitness to build your personalized plan.

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Flexibility is possible

Training should work with your busy schedule, not dominate it! During the setup process, you can select the number of days you’d like to run and which days typically work best for you. This will help limit missed workouts and keep you on track as you work toward your goals.

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Stay healthy and get strong

Personalization and increased flexibility help better tailor the training plan to meet your specific needs and allow you to reach the starting line feeling confident, strong, and injury-free. Of course, you still need to monitor for aches and pains that might be something more (and don’t forget those injury prevention exercises) but the plan is specially designed to progress at a safe and appropriate rate.

How to get started

Race training plans for distances ranging from the 5K to the marathon are available through our Runkeeper Go™ subscription. If you’re not yet a member, click here to join. 

In addition to the updated plans, Runkeeper Go users have access to several exclusive features including progress insights, workout comparison stats, and live tracking to share your run in real-time with your friends and family.

Remember, these plans are specifically for racing. If you’re looking for workouts to help build a consistent running routine without training for a race check out out the Running for Exercise tab in the training section of the app.

Learn more about all of the game-changing Runkeeper Go features here.