When’s the last time you challenged yourself? With the Runkeeper Challenges feature, you can make time for movement with the rest of our community. Learn how to find and join Challenges in the app, and reap the benefits of a job well done. 

What are ASICS Runkeeper Challenges? 

If you’re already a Runkeeper app user, you may have seen Challenges floating around the app. If you’re new here or are just getting started on your running journey, Challenges are a great way to learn how to use the app and get started. They’re also a fun way to push yourself, inspire fitness goals, and maybe even stoke some friendly competition with your friends. Every time you complete a challenge, you’re a step closer to reaching your goals. 

What kind of challenges are in the Runkeeper app?  

Challenges can last several days or more commonly, an entire month. They may ask you to complete a total distance or X number of activities throughout the challenge duration, or activities of a certain length. 

How do I participate in a Runkeeper Challenge?  

On Android: 

  • Open the Runkeeper app and tap on Challenges in your sidebar. 

On IOS: 

  • Open the Runkeeper app and tap on the Explore tab on the bottom right of the screen. 
  • Tap on the Challenges tab (top right of your screen, next to the Races tab) which will take you to the Challenges home page. 

Here you will see My Active Challenges (challenges you’ve opted into and where you can review your progress) and Available Challenges (where you can opt into whatever challenge is available at the time). You can also view this on the Runkeeper website

Note: If you’re enrolled in Win the Long Run (our pace improvement training plan), you’ll see that here. 

Review your Challenge progress 

Tap into a Challenge under My Active Challenges and there you’ll see your progress bar. As you make progress, the bar will start to fill up. Once the bar is full, you’ve completed the Challenge! 

Pro tip: If you notice that your progress bar isn’t updating, record a 1-2 second manual activity that would count toward completing the challenge. This should reset your progress bar. Once updated, delete the dummy activity.  

What activities count toward my progress? Are there rewards? 

GPS and Stopwatch running, walking, wheelchair, cycling, and hiking activities always count toward completion. Manually-entered activities will count as well, unless there’s a reward, which we do offer sometimes. If there are any prizes or incentives, we will note this on each individual challenge page or send you an email, so make sure we’re not going to your spam folder! 

Ready to join a Challenge? Get started.