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Runkeeper users run for health and lifestyle. They run for peace of mind, they run to keep their bodies healthy, and of course they run for fun!

Community fun facts

They run 1-3 times per week, indoors and out.

Evenly split between men and women.

50% of our community are millenials.



Ads that don't feel like ads

Based on the unique needs and goals of your brand, we'll reach the right audience at the right time.

Native Feed Displays

Turn-key solutions based on IAB standards and optimized for targeting.

Workout Rewards

Rewarding users at moments of triumph and success after a workout.

Featured Workouts

Be the brand that inspired action through an all-day sponsored workout.

Custom Challenges

A 2-4 week engagement that motivates runners with goals and incentives.

Success stories

Check out some of our latest running buddies.

Pact Coffee

Workout Rewards


X2 Challenge

Microsoft Band

Sunday Runday

Let's make running fun together

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