Health Graph FAQ


Why is this called the Health “Graph”?
We use the term “Graph” because of how we’ve structured the relationship between each piece of health and fitness data. Your running affects your body weight and your sleep and visa versa. Your activities and health changes can also affect or influence the health of people around you. It’s all connected. To reflect this, we’ve designed the Health Graph in a way that lets you quickly jump from one health and fitness data type to another, thus, the term “Graph”. Learn more
We consider ourselves a "competitor" to Runkeeper. Can we still integrate with the Health Graph API?
Will you abide by the Health Graph API Policies? Will you build cool stuff that users can enjoy? It sounds like you're a partner then, not a "competitor"! Together, let’s make the Health Graph a successful resource for everyone.
I just want to integrate with Runkeeper. Is there a Runkeeper API?
Nope. Why? We firmly believe the Health Graph will provide more value to the community of users who use each app, website, and device that are built on the Health Graph. With access to the Health Graph, you have access to the powerful resources on… and more.

Data Usage

I’m able to provide stats that mirror Runkeeper Go features to all users (including non-Runkeeper Go members). Can I do this?
No. The profile resource will allow developers to know which users are Runkeeper Go and which users are not. App features that replicate Runkeeper Go's features will require that the user be Runkeeper Go in order to access your app.

Special Permissions

I’ve requested special permissions for my app. When will I find out if they have been granted?
Special permissions are granted immediately. We review all requests and will follow up with you if we have questions about your particular case.
Why does the API have special permissions for health and fitness data?

There are a few reasons for this:

  • We want to add an additional layer of protection to users' health and fitness data. FitnessKeeper will review each developer's request for special permissions to read, edit, and/or retain user's health & fitness data to evaluate each app's legitimacy.
  • The integrity of the Health Graph requires developers to abide by the Health Graph API Policies. During the review process FitnessKeeper will make an effort to ensure that developers who are granted special permission understand these policies and will thus protect the integrity of the Health Graph. All developers who build on the Health Graph will benefit from ensuring that the Health Graph isn't compromised; this is therefore FitnessKeeper, Inc.'s top priority.
  • Your app's users will be able to see it has been granted special permissions. This will give users an additional level of transparency in knowing which apps have access to their health and fitness data, and which ones don't.