Good scenery is one of the best ways to get through an otherwise tough run. And it’s much easier to humblebrag about all those runs you’ve been logging when you do it with the perfect photo, right? That’s why we’ve made it super simple to share photos & stats from Runkeeper runs to Facebook!

It’s simple to use—make sure your Runkeeper account is connected to Facebook, and when saving an activity, be sure to add a photo. When you’re saving the activity, select Facebook on the share screen, and voilà, you’ll see a pretty sleek overlay! (If you’re not seeing them on your Facebook account, check out this article for troubleshooting). This is available for both iPhone and Android, so snap away. Take a look at some of the examples below!

How I Find Time to Exercise as a Busy Mom

sister number 2_Motivated Her


We hope to do lots more with photos and activity stats going forward. What would you like to see from us?