Hey everyone! As the middle of the month rolls around, you’ve got to be getting a little tired of running the same old Routes with your Friends right? Well you’re in luck! Now more than ever is the perfect time to really commit to your running, and join one of Runkeeper’s Training Plans!

Training Plans are a great way to get yourself into a routine. If you’re somebody that needs structure, you can find both free and paid plans online here. On the other hand, if you’re someone who wants to create their own workout, you can do that as well! We’ll cover both options below, beginning with signing up for a Training Plan.

Training Plans

First things first, just open up the app! If you’re on Android, just hit the Workout section on the Start tab, or you can select Training under SEttings. If you’re on an iPhone, just select the My Plan tab. (For more info on signing up for a Training Plan via the web, check out our Support site.) For iOS, be sure to select the Training toggle at the top of the screen.

Runkeeper Training Plans and Custom Workouts

Here you’ll be able to choose from our wide variety of Training Plans, from our Run for Fat Loss plan to our Sub 3:30 Marathon plan. Feel free to look around and see what kind of plan is right for you. Keep in mind some plans are free while others do cost money!

Runkeeper: Training Plans and Custom Workouts

After you’ve found the plan you’re interested in, you can select it. On that page, you can take a look at the schedule, the plan description as well as the Trainer description! Once you’re confident that you’ve found the plan for you, it’s time to select your Start Date.

Runkeeper: Training Plans and Custom Workouts

Here you’ll be able to view the latest start dates for the plan you’ve selected. You can choose the plan that began this past Sunday, and is currently in progress, or a plan beginning further in the future if you’re not quite ready to start yet. You can also select “See More Schedules” to pick dates further in the past as well as in the future.


As soon as you’ve chosen the dates that work best for you, you’ll be brought to a confirmation screen. Give the screen a good once over to make sure everything lines up with your preferences, then hit sign up!

After you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to look at your plan schedule and, should you so choose, you can select the first run of your plan.

Runkeeper Training Plans and Custom Workouts

After you’ve selected a run, you’ll be brought back to the Start tab, where you can then make sure you’ve got everything set up and head out for a Run! Before you go however, let’s turn our attentions to our friends who might prefer a more customizable experience.


You may have noticed when selecting your Training from the Start tab, that by clicking on the Workout area, on the following screen you’re presented with three options at the top. We’ve covered Training Plans above, but here we’ll tackle Workouts. After selecting Workouts, you’ll see three pre-created Workouts, along with the ability to add your own.

Runkeeper Training Plans and Custom Workouts

After choosing to create a new workout, you’ll find yourself on a screen where you can begin the customization process. You can name your Workout, add new intervals, add repetitions, and decide whether or not you want to add 5 minute Warm Up/Cool Down periods.
Runkeeper Training Plans and Custom Workouts Runkeeper Training Plans and Custom Workouts

After you’ve named your plan, you can start customizing it. On the Interval screen, you’ll be able to dictate the Speed of the interval, as well as the distance or length of time  you’d like the interval to run. Feel free to mix it up! You can add both kinds of intervals to your workout.

Runkeeper Training Plans and Custom Workouts Runkeeper Training Plans and Custom Workouts

After you’ve played around and are happy with your workout, you can save it and select it as an option next time you go out for a run. Or you can edit it again to get it just right!

You’ve customized your workout and are ready to hit the ground running. Next step is to just select it and hit start. The audio cues will guide you through each step of the workout, whether it’s a custom one or part of a training plan. Awesome, right?

Good luck! The world is your oyster.  We’ll be back with more info next week, so stay tuned!