Word on the street is that a pretty cool device called Apple Watch is dropping today. But did you also know that the Runkeeper for Apple Watch is also live today, too? That’s right, the guidance and encouragement you’ve loved with Runkeeper on your iPhone is all coming to your wrist!

We have to admit this day makes us feel a bit nostalgic. We were also there on day 1 of the App Store launch in 2008, so it’s thrilling to be part of Apple’s completely new device launch. So why a Runkeeper app for Apple Watch? Well, since we’ve started it’s been our mission to use the best tracking technology available to create the most awesome running experience out there, whether you’re a longtime runner or just figuring out this sport for the first time.


We’re big believers that a wrist-worn device is an amazing way to display all the updates you need on your run—and nothing more. Have you ever noticed how sometimes your whole day—and all the emails, texts, notifications, and reminders that can go with it—follows you onto your run? With Apple Watch, you can stow away your iPhone and just tune into the run. Focus on your mental game, breathe the fresh air, concentrate on the ground passing beneath you as you put one foot in front of the other. This is how running should be! And while you’re getting in the groove, Runkeeper will be there in the background to provide just the info you need to pace yourself.

With Runkeeper for Apple Watch you can easily start, stop, and pause your run right from from wrist. Glance down to see the miles you’re racking up and the pace you’re cruising at. Easily follow your training plan workouts on your Apple Watch via notifications, so you know just when to speed up and slow down on those interval workouts. (Get Runkeeper Go to have access to our full range of training plans.) No need to fiddle with any controls; you focus on getting those endorphins flowing and we’ll take care of the rest.

Check out the Runkeeper App for Apple Watch here. And be sure to tell us below what else you’d like to see in our Apple Watch app!