Change can be hard, we hear you. But in this case, we think you’re going to like it. We’ve updated the Me tab in our latest update for iOS. Download version 8.4 in the app store to see it in action!

With this version, we’ve removed that big chunk of blue space where your profile picture used to be. We know a lot of you just wanted to see the facts, which is why we’ve made your stats the star of the show. We moved your profile picture into a more discreet banner at the top of your screen where both your name and total mileage/kilometers are displayed. The speech bubble icon will lead you to your Notifications, where you can bask in the glow of your friends’ “likes” and comments. Tap the little gear icon to access your settings, where you control everything regarding your account and activity preferences.

Below that, tap into your badge collection to view all your personal records for every activity type!

Now, onto the good stuff: your stats! We’ve condensed everything you want to know so it’s easier to find and navigate. Your weekly distance, average pace, calories burned, elevation climb, and time duration are all front and center. From there, you can also easily tap into your monthly and yearly views.

Tap the Activities section to scroll through a list of your runs, walks, yoga sessions, etc. Want to check in on your goal progress or create a goal? You can do that right from the Me tab, too.

If you’re a Runkeeper Go user, below the My Goals section is where you will find all the extra insights that come with being a member. Lastly, you can easily view your weekly workouts in the Workouts Per Week chart and tap into that as another way to see your activities list.

As always, if anything’s confusing or hard to find, email us at and we’ll help you out!