Sounds great, right? Runkeeper Go users now have access to ALL training plans for free! This gives you numerous choices to find the exercise plan perfect for you! From 5Ks to marathons—you can find the guide with just the right amount of workouts and intensity for you, all created by expert trainers, like the folks at

Premium Training Plans are Now Free With Runkeeper Go

To sign up for a Training Plan, follow these simple steps!


Go to the Goals tab in Runkeeper and tap on “My Training Plan is” section.


Select the type of training plan you’d like, based on different objectives like “Get Fit” or “Do a Race.”


Within each type, pick from the range of plans that feels right for you. We’ve got lots of great trainers in here!


Next, choose your schedule and the start date that works best for you.


After you’ve done that, you’re good to go! Your training schedule is available in an easy to understand calendar view that includes helpful tips for rest days.


You excited? Become a Runkeeper Go member to access the full range of premium training plans, plus lots more. These plans are currently available in the iOS, but are coming to the Android app verrrry soon. Android users, in the meantime you can select and enroll in a premium training plan online!