We want to be there for every step of your fitness journey, even when you use other devices for tracking your individual workouts! That’s our GPX/TXC import feature comes in handy! It’s designed for people with activity data saved on other devices or systems but want to import those activities to Runkeeper. For example, if you have used a Garmin, Suunto or Polar device in the past or continue to use devices like these to track fitness activities, but prefer to use Runkeeper for things like community, training plans, and a comprehensive view of your progress, this GPX/TCX import feature provides you with an easy way bring those activities with you.

To learn more about GPX click here.

Below are a couple examples including steps for exporting files from Garmin and Polar devices:

Export from Garmin: Record an activity with Garmin device (e.g. Garmin Forerunner), download the activity to the supported application (i.e. Connect or Training Center), select workout and export as GPX or TCX to your computer

Export from Polar: Record activity with Polar device (e.g. Polar RS800), download the activity to the supported application (e.g. Polar ProTrainer), select a workout and export as GPX to your computer

log_0001_Layer Comp 2

Here’s how to import GPX/TCX files to Runkeeper.com:

Log into runkeeper.com,go to the activities section of your profile, and click the green plus sign to post a new activity.

Step 1: select activity type, then click next

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Step 2: add a map, click option to Import From File, and select a GPX or TCX file to import

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Step 3: add any additional details, then save activity–and there you go…you’ve imported your first GPS activity file to Runkeeper.