Over the next four days in London, ASICS is launching the world’s first running track to train the mind. Here, athletes will be asked to take a unique approach to training by racing in complete darkness with no distractions, music or technology.

This “Blackout Track” is the inspiration behind our latest ASICS Move Your Mind Challenge. In the next two weeks, participants will be asked to log two activities. The first run can be any speed and distance. For the second run, we’ve provided some mind-strengthening tips below, because the mind is a muscle you need to train as much as the rest of your body. When you start run two, you’ll be asked to turn off audio cues and music to see how it stacks up to the first with these new mind techniques.

Without a strong mind, even the strongest legs won’t get to the finish line. To provide you with the best mental techniques, we pulled in professional Human Performance & Mindfulness Coach, Chevy Rough.

Before Your Run

Cool Your Brain

Before warming up for a run, lie down and focus on breathing through your nose as you would during a workout. Use this rhythm to keep your mind from wandering. Work on slowing your breathing down with each breath—this will calm your mind and body to perform its best during a run.

Visualize Your Run

Imagine yourself running. Try to include as many details as possible (sights, smells, etc). Now envision your body starting to tire. To counteract this, begin to pick yourself up again. Your breathing is light and your posture corrects itself. Running is now effortless to you and your mind responds to this. Recreate success within this exercise and your mind will have a point of reference when it’s out on the road.

During Your Run

Run with Focus

Regulate nose-breathing only. It promotes calmness and focus. Find and commit to a breathing rhythm that you can focus on when your mind starts to stray.

Bring these tactics with you for run two of the ASICS Move Your Mind Challenge. Turn off your audio cues (instructions below) and music to focus entirely on strengthening your mind.

Don’t forget! All challenge finishers will be entered to win one of three pairs of ASICS GEL-KAYANO® 25 running shoes.

iPhone Audio Cue Settings:

Go to your Runkeeper Activity Settings, or simply tap on the Gear Icon in the top left-hand corner of the Start Screen and toggle off “Audio Stats” under the Coaching section. Additionally, this can be toggled off on the Audio Stats screen.

Android Audio Cue Settings:

Go to your Runkeeper Settings, select “Audio Stats” and toggle that option off at the top. This option can also be navigated to from the Audio Stats grid on the start screen.