One of the worst things about harsh winter temperatures coming is the tough choice between bundling up for a run in the snow (with Runkeeper) or opting for the indoor comforts of a treadmill (without Runkeeper). We’re hoping to make that transition to the treadmill a little less painful for you this winter with a brand new 5.0 version of Runkeeper—complete with indoor tracking, or as we call it, Stopwatch Mode.

Here’s how to track an indoor workout with Stopwatch Mode:

  1. On the “Start” screen select activity “Type”
  2. On the “Activity Type” screen select “Stopwatch Mode”
  3. Select your activity from the list
  4. Select the “Go” button on the “Start” screen and get your sweat on!

Announcing Runkeeper 5.0: Take Runkeeper Indoors!

Once there, Stopwatch Mode will:

  • Automatically track how long you’ve been running, and fire off audio cues at the same time you receive them for your outdoor activities
  • Display your heart rate if you’ve already connected to a heart rate monitor
  • Calculate your average pace after you’ve inputted your total distance, so you can easily see how you’re progressing and get credit toward your goals

This is just the beginning of the awesome experience we plan to provide around tracking with Runkeeper indoors, so we want to hear from you. What else would you like to see?

This update is available now on iOS and Android!