Earlier this month the Runkeeper community came out strong for for the 3rd edition of the Global 5K. We hope you’ve all had the chance to check out your individual results on this leaderboard, but as always, we wanted to take a look at the stats across the whole community.

With 67 million calories burned, we hope everyone treated themselves to something delicious after the race!  Congrats to the U.K. for taking the fastest country spot (they came in 3rd for the 1st Edition race and were altogether absent from fastest group in May). Anyone got any guesses for who will be the fastest countries next time around?

Read on for more stats! Click here to open it in a new tab and click to zoom in.

Runkeeper Global 5K Infographic 3rd Edition


We may have some more fun visualizations headed your way soon, so be sure to keep an eye out. And until next time, Happy Running!