Ever find yourself questioning who you are as a runner? The solution to your fitness identity crisis may just lie in the stars.

Aries: The runner always trying new routes

March 21-April 19

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Adventurous and independent, the Aries runner will always take the path less traveled.

Taurus: The loyal running buddy

April 20-May 20

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Warmhearted and reliable, Tauruses make for steadfast running buddies.

Gemini: The split personality runner

May 21-June 20

At times committed to the longest of runs, at others more of a quick interval cross trainer, this twinning runner is adaptable if inconsistent.

Cancer: The running group leader

June 21-July 22

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Loyal, persuasive, and social, Cancers make for fabulous running group leaders.

Leo: The themed runner

July 23-August 22

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Creative and confident, this fiery runner will go all out whether for runDisney or a Superhero Scramble.

Virgo: The perfectionist runner

August 23-September 22

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This practical and analytical runner will have his routes planned, his splits even, and his Runkeeper GO progress insights scrutinized.

Libra: The fair-weather runner

September 23-October 22

We mean this literally. Lovers of beauty and balance, Libras prefer running picturesque landscapes in temperate climates.

Scorpio: The tough-mudder

October 23-November 21

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Powerful and determined, Scorpio runners love the thrill of a challenging obstacle race.

Sagittarius: The up-for-anything runner

November 22-December 21

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Endlessly optimistic free-spirits, Sagittarius runners don’t believe in rigid training and are always down to join in on spontaneous fun runs.

Capricorn: The distance runner

December 22-January 19

Disciplined and ambitious, Capricorns are ideal marathoners and triathletes.

Aquarius: The humanitarian runner

January 20-February 18


Innovative and caring, Aquarius runners are pro fundraisers for charity races.

Pisces: The dissociative runner

February 19-March 20

The ever-imaginative Pisces channels his escapist tendencies to dream up wild scenarios on long runs.

Does your running style match your Zodiac sign’s? Or have you run away from your destiny? Let us know below!