Howdy friends!! This one is for all my runner friends, especially the ones that have been using Runkeeper as their go-to workout tracking app.

One of my clients at the gym is training for a full marathon in November and we were talking about implementing more treadmill runs into her routine because she is a very busy lady who doesn’t have much time on her hands, especially during the week. She squeezes in a short 3 to 4 mile run whenever she has a free minute and gets her distance runs in on the weekends but she didn’t implement any speed or incline work into her training plan yet.

marathon training on treadmill

I told her that I can help her and that we can take care of some speed work during our sessions at the gym.

I remember when I trained for my last marathon I probably spent more time on the treadmill than ever before, did my long runs on the weekends (outdoors) and was able to hit a PR in that particular marathon.

After we created my clients’ workout plan today, I was curious about how much time I really did end up spending on the treadmill, so I opened the Runkeeper website to take a look at my training log.

First, I pulled up the ‘Reports’ tab to get a customized overview of the miles I did between November 2013 and January 2014.

treadmill marathon training

can you train for a marathon on a treadmill - stats

This screen gives you a great overview of your daily runs, shows the date and distance when you hover over the bars and I was able to see how many distance runs I actually ended up doing before my race.

Next, I wanted to find out the details of each run so I pulled up the ‘Activities’ tab and opened the January 14 files to take a look at each individual activity.


When I run on the treadmill I usually write some training notes down for future references like in this case.

After checking out some of these activities I remember just how many times I utilized the treadmill during the last season. I think one of the reasons was the convenience of just heading to the gym whenever I wanted because I had day care included and I could just set the treadmill on an incline instead of finding a ‘hilly’ route for that day. I also always made sure that my average pace was at least 8-10% faster than my regular ‘outdoor’ pace.

It is definitely not impossible to train for races utilizing both the treadmill and the great outdoors. And if you are using Runkeeper you can even track your indoor runs, just make sure you add some notes because you won’t see your split times when logging miles manually.

Happy Running!

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