Yes, we just said chafing…it’s getting real in here. Chafing is probably one of the most surprising and oddest discoveries of new runners. While all that running can bring on better moods and a healthier cardiovascular system, it can also make your skin blister and hurt from rubbing against other skin, clothing, or even the material in your shoes. Luckily Body Glide, the specially formulated anti-chafe balm, is here to save the day, by creating a dry, invisible barrier on your skin. Better yet, it’s allergen-free, vegan approved, and never tested on animals. Now you can return to your regularly scheduled running high.


Swipe some Body Glide over your skin (the way you would with deodorant) before putting on your running clothes. Focus on areas that rub together the most on the move: thighs, arm pits, back of the knees, and belly.  If it’s a long race you’re prepping for, swipe it pretty much everywhere you can because more time running=more time for chafing.

Shop Body Glide here. The For Her formula is fortified with Vitamins A, B,E, and F; Skin Glide provides extra rich hydration; and Foot Glide specifically targets blister prevention.